Make your own resin crafting trays

While working with resin is fun, it can be a bit inconvenient waiting on your projects to cure.  Did you know you can use styrofoam boards and wax paper to make your own resin jewelry making craft surfaces?

wax paper

I like to save flat styrofoam (actually hoard them like a squirrel and her nuts) and use it as a portable tray.  You can generally find these in your large purchases that need a lot of packing.  Hint:  Medical offices that get refrigerated pharmaceutical products get a lot of these styrofoam pieces. 

tear paper

Tear a piece of wax paper to cover the styrofoam.  Trim with scissors if necessary.


Use toothpicks to secure the wax paper to the styrofoam.


You now have a portable tray for your projects!  (and pretty cheap too — if you mess it up, just throw it away and grab another)

I will pour my resin in molds, etc. on the tray, then once it is mostly cured, move it to a shelf to finish curing.

What do you do in your resin craft area?



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Rhonda J. Hunter

I buy stew meat in large flat styrofoam trays when it’s on sale. I put the meat in plastic bags in the freezer, wash the tray in a disinfectant soap, rinse it thoroughly and air dry for about a week. Those trays are the perfect size, being about 9″ x 11″, and have the little lip to help keep things from sliding off. I use them with resin projects, bead sorting, for holding my beading projects, and organizing in general. Not that I’m very organized – my work area is a mess. The cats “help” me keep it that way. I can’t keep them out since their litter box is in my work room. I keep them well brushed to keep the flying cat hair down, and the litterbox area is the cleanest spot in the room!


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