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how to use candy in resin

I love this time of year.  Valentine’s Day conversation candy hearts are just begging to be made into resin pendants!  I made a video about it a couple of years ago if you want to try making your own:

DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Heart Pendants

This post today is a bit of a follow up to show a blemish that showed up after I made my first batch of pendants several years ago.

Making these pendants was one of the first things I made with resin.  I sold silver jewelry at shows for several years and felt comfortable enough with resin that I wanted to try selling some of those pieces as well.  One of my local galleries took my candy heart pendants for Valentine’s Day.  After the holiday, I picked up the unsold ones and put them away for the next year.

Here’s what happened when I took them out 10 to 11 months later….

blemished resin pendant

The candy had started to spoil in the resin.  When I used the candy a year prior, I didn’t do anything to it before adding it to the resin.

Kind of ironic that this pendant says no way.


putting candy in resin

It didn’t happen to all of the pendants, but several showed blemishes.  Here is one where the brown started on the top edge of the candy.

candy heart pendant

So what’s the fix?  When it comes to putting candy in resin, I seal it now.  Always.  Yes, it can get a little tedious to do so, but I cringe to think of people who bought my pendants only to see them turn brown months later.

How do you seal the candy you might ask?  I like to use several light coats of our resin gloss sealer spray.  In this case, I will lightly spray the candies, wait 20 minutes, turn them over and do it again.  I will repeat this process two more times, focusing on the sides of the candies the third and fourth times.

Going through the experience of putting candy in resin taught me a very important lesson that I will share with you:

When in doubt, seal it before adding it to resin.

If you are still not sure whether or not you should seal candy (or anything else for that matter) before adding it to resin, ask yourself whether or not getting the item wet will affect its appearance.  If the answer is YES, then seal it before adding it to the resin.

What has been your experience adding candy (or anything else) to resin?


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Mistakes with resin? Why yes, yes i have made them. I wanted to make a coaster with these large glass gems i had and some glitter. I put a layer of resin down first then waited about 2 hours to put the gems in. I thought the resin layer had set up enough to support the gems. Nope! They all sank below the first level and my coaster looks like it has “ghosts” of glass gems. So sad but it was a good learning experience. 🙂


Hi Leatrice,

Have you retried this? How long is the ideal amount of time to wait before dropping the gems in?


Apparently, the key is to put the gems in first the drip the resin on top and between them but not enough to submerge the gems.

Rhonda J. Hunter

I have some wedding candies with sayings and pictures on them that I wanted to save – this might be the best way!


Oh yes, my candy sprinkles in resin seemed to grow “hair” after a few months and I was completely clueless. This explains it all. Thanks for the information.

Qpon Qween

Hi. I wanted to make a centerpiece for my window & I’m thinking of adding fresh lemons to resin. Now I will seal it first, thanks for the tip.

Katherine Swift

Hi Coop, unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend putting chocolate cake in resin. There’s no way to get it completely dry which means it will spoil. Maybe you can get someone to make a lookalike piece of cake out of clay? You can then put that in resin.

cheri angle

I have a question do you have to use that gloss sealer spray on every candy/ food item even candy sprinkels

Entropy Designs

I’m wondering about putting chocolate in resin; can envision an Easter pendant with a small chocolate bunny on a bed of paper Easter grass. I’ve got paper sealer, but I’m concerned about what kinds of thermochemical heat the chocolate may be subjected to from 2 part resin.

Katherine Swift

I haven’t tried chocolate before, but I think your concerns are valid. I suspect it may distort a bit with the heat of the resin.


I’m wanting to use different candy in resin for a project I’m working on- do you think mike and ikes and peppermints are dry enough in the middle?

Gem Carter

Hi, will the sealer distort any text on paper? I have a promotional lollipop my dad was given for an album he wrote and don’t want the words to get smeared. Thanks!!

Katherine Swift

No, the gloss sealer spray will keep your image looking crisp.


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