Resin casting in an ice cube mold

resin casting in an ice cube mold

resin and ice cube mold
Imagine my joy when I opened a box of cereal for my peeps a couple of weeks ago to find a mold.  I get it was intended to freeze water or juice, and not end up on my resin crafting table, but I found it first.  I couldn’t possibly pass on the opportunity to try resin casting in a ‘new to me’ mold, especially if that mold was not intended for resin.

Here’s what is different

This mold is very stiff, even stiffer than I find most ice cube trays.  Knowing that demolding was going to be a challenge, I prepped it with a light layer of my favorite resin mold release.  This is my go-to mold release, especially for those hard to demold projects.  I grabbed some Resin Obsession super clear resin and colored it with transparent purple pigment.

pouring resin into a mold

One-half ounce of mixed resin is all that was necessary to fill the mold.  I let it fully cure before demolding.


demolding resin

Surprises with resin demolding

I prepared myself for needing to pop this in the freezer and slap it on the countertop in order to get the resin out.  Imagine my surprise when I started pushing from the back and heard the resin crack like an ice cube.

{{ Of course, I should have known this was going to happen.  As soon as I announced on video that this isn’t going to work and I’m going to need to freeze it and go all-ninja, of course that would not need to happen.  The resin always wins. }}

resin octopus

The casting didn’t break during the demolding and quite frankly, turned out better than I expected.

purple resin octopus

The octopus came through with great details and a beautiful transparent purple color.  His surface is frosted from the surface of the mold.  At this point, I could use a couple of light layers of resin gloss sealer spray to get him shiny.

So what do you think about resin casting in an ice cube mold?

Is this something you do or would like to try?

You can see more of the casting process in the video below.  I thought it would be fun to broadcast resin casting from my studio.  I show a bit about the mold, answer some questions, and yada yada about resin.

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3 thoughts on “Resin casting in an ice cube mold

  1. I love the purple, and think the matte finish is gorgeous! I would use it for a pendant with purple fishy or starfish earrings.

  2. Awesome idea! I’ve been thinking of trying the same thing with some cool ice cube molds I have, but I’ve been a bit concerned about whether or not it would be safe to reuse the molds for ice afterward. Any thoughts on the matter?

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