Resin color ideas – Unique color choices for resin

Coloring ideas for resinI am very fortunate to call Carmi Cimicata of the I Love Resin blog a friend and fellow resinista.  Carmi needed some new resin color ideas and recently tried out the new Resin Obsession color pigments.  After sharing the results on her blog, I was impressed and excited about what she made!  Here’s what Carmi cast:


Resin Obsession bright green
Faux emerald


Carmi cast her own lookalike emerald with the Resin Obsession bright green pigment.  Awesome ingenuity here.  I hadn’t even considered using the color to make lookalike gemstones.


Read the post here:  Faux emerald and bright green pigment


Resin Obsession opaque teal pigment
Teal bird


Carmi cast a beautiful bird emblem and vintage turquoise looking cabochons with the Resin Obsession opaque teal pigment.  I have to admit here as well that I love this teal pigment.  There is nothing else like it out there!


Read the post here:  Teal bird emblem


Resin Obsession bright red pigment
Red heart


Carmi shared this post before Halloween, so something ‘scary’ was on her crafting table that week. I’m thrilled the Resin Obsession bright red pigment could help her create something for the holiday.

Read the post here:  Bright red heart


Resin Obsession bright blue pigment
Lapis lookalike cabochon


I think this one of her resin color ideas is my favorite. I am in awe that Carmi was able to cast a cabochon with the Resin Obsession bright blue pigment and finish it so that it looked like lapis. I’m totally doing this one.

Read the post here:  Bright blue lapis lookalike cabochon

Which one of these resin color ideas is your favorite?  If you are new to resin, this explains all your options on how to color epoxy resin.

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