Resin color pigments

Can I use one brand’s resin color pigments in another brand’s resin?

I’m warning you, my next few blog posts are going to be, rather…..boring.  I have finally decided to tackle the big question I get asked a lot, about using one manufacturer’s color pigments in another manufacturer’s resin.  I’ve been haphazardly tackling this question when I have leftover resin, but decided if I was ever going to be able to provide a straight answer, I needed to buckle down and make it a project.

mixing bright pigments into resin

For the first set of experiments, I mixed up two ounces total of Castin’ Craft Easy Cast resin in a 10 ounce reusable plastic mixing cup.  Once I mixed the resin thoroughly, I poured 3 to 4 cc into separate 1 ounce mixing cups.  Into each cup, I mixed in 1 to 2 drops of each of the Resin Obsession bright neon color pigments.

pouring resin into a mold

I poured the mixed resin into cabochon mold 403.

Not shown:  I prepped the mold with a layer of Castin’ Craft mold release and conditioner 30 minutes before pouring the resin.

neon colors in resin

The results after they were demolded:  SUCCESS

The colors are what I would expect if I had used them in the Resin Obsession super clear resin.

bright resin colors detail

The finished castings are bright, neon and translucent.

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