Resin color

Using one brand’s resin color in another brand’s resin

resin color

My experiments with resin color continue.  This week, I moved onto using the Resin Obsession color pigments with the Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast epoxy resin.  I mixed one ounce total of resin in 1 ounce mixing cups. After dividing the resin, I mixed in 1 to 2 drops of each of the Resin Obsession bright neon color pigments.

casting neon resin

I poured the mixed resin into teardrop mold 404.

Not shown:  I prepared the mold with a light mist of Castin’ Craft mold release and conditioner 30 minutes before casting the resin.

samples labeled

The results after they were demolded:  SUCCESS

The colors were bright and the resin cured as expected.

bright neon resin colors

I love these colors in the teardrop shapes.  I think they would be perfect for earrings.



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