The truth about mastering your skills with epoxy resin

How to be good with epoxy resin

What if I told you there are three ways to be better at epoxy resin that have nothing to do with your current skill level? In fact, artists at any part of their journey can implement these resin tips to help themselves be better with their next resin project. The good news is that none of these are difficult, but they do require a commitment from you, the artist.

Make it happen

You need to get over your fear of making mistakes. Or bad art. Or that no one will like it. Tell that voice in your head that insists you are wasting time and supplies that this is a chance for you to review and master your techniques. I can guarantee you that if you don’t take the step of making art —then making more — you will never be good at it. Sure, you are going to make blunders. If you are a beginner, I can almost guarantee that you will not like your first resin project. or even your second. And maybe not even your tenth. For those of you experienced with epoxy resin, it’s hard to want to try something new, especially when you get good at it.  What if I fail?  What if I embarrass myself?

I can undoubtedly tell you that I have learned so much more from my resin failures than any of my successes. If you never try, how will you ever find a place you will feel comfortable as a finish?  And by the way, I never throw away my mistakes.  Here are eight things you can do with your resin mistakes.

Find fifteen minutes a day

Save fifteen minutes of every day and devote it to your resin skills. Yes, I know that fifteen minutes isn’t enough to get your supplies out, much less mix and pour the resin. So, what can you do with your fifteen minutes to get you closer to reaching your resin goals? Here are some ideas:

*Seal items you want to include in your next resin casting.  They will be dry and ready for resin when you have more time to use it.
*Research color scheme ideas for your next resin painting.  You can easily do this on Pinterest.
*Watch a Resin Obsession YouTube video. Almost all of our videos are under 15 minutes!
*Sketch out design ideas for your next project.
*Research fashion and interior design blogs to see what the hot new trends are.

In other words, even a few minutes a day will get you closer to your goal of being an accomplished resin artist.

Do some projects for yourself

In the beginning, resin was a way for me to have fun and express creativity. I didn’t have to worry about making money from my craft as a way to support myself. It was simply a chance for me to learn a new artistic skill. As I got more adept at resin, I began a productive art show and wholesale career where I sold my resin jewelry. While I was thrilled to be able to make a business selling my resin wares, one of the biggest mindset shifts I faced was focusing on creating art based upon what others wanted, not necessarily what I wanted.

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When I started my resin painting series two years ago, I took it back to basics and made it all about creating resin art for me. There isn’t the pressure of ‘will this sell?’ or ‘will the customer like it?’ While I’m incredibly grateful for the chance that having a resin jewelry business provided me, I’m even more delighted to have the opportunity to make art that feeds my creativity, not necessarily feeds my family.

Give yourself permission to make art that only has to make you happy. What epoxy resin projects do you want to explore? Find a way to work on them.

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19 thoughts on “The truth about mastering your skills with epoxy resin

    1. I hear you Katie. I am the same way! I was my own worst enemy in the beginning about making art (resin or otherwise). I wish I could have shared this with myself years ago!! LOL

  1. Great advice. I’m so stuck on “ Will it sell”, it’s impossible to make art every one will like, so I’ve GOT to do it for ME!

  2. If you have a passion and some time to dedicate, just do it. I begin with little supplies, expensive epoxy resin (in Mexico, the others are cheap but nos suitable for indoors), make all the mistakes possibles, but now can do a very pretty pendant or large pyramid. I do not sell now in my web store, but I will.

  3. I’m loving this art & want to do it but I keep procrastinating. Ive watch many tutorials & keep reading on it. Thanks for the motivation. You’re so right. I just need to DO IT!

  4. I’ve been wanting to start many projects it seems forever. I took a class and made a wonderful Christmas Tree window, which people say they love it. But, I can’t seem to gear myself to making projects by myself in my workshop at home. Afraid of making mistakes. Hopefully now I will have that extra motivation. Thanks!

  5. I have not yet started this craft, and in true beginner fashion thought I would jump right in and make myself a resin river table. Might be reaching a little high! I will start with something smaller, maybe some wood trivets. Thank you for your awesome insight and ideas.

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