Alcohol ink crafts – 5 super cool and colorful ideas

resin and alcohol ink projectsAlcohol ink crafts are all the rage now and it’s no wonder why.  Resin and alcohol ink can be used together in so many ways.  If you are looking for some alcohol ink crafting ideas, here are five alcohol ink art projects that you can make this weekend, even if you are a beginner!

Alcohol ink and resin pendants

adding blue ink color to resin with a pipette

Throw your desire to be perfect aside and instead, let the alcohol inks take over.  Dropping them into wet resin gives you the chance to make abstract art resin jewelry.

Resin and alcohol ink earrings

adding an ear wire to resin petri earrings

When making jewelry in resin molds, it’s hard sometimes for your designs to not appear flat and lacking dimension.  So how do you get around that?  Use alcohol inks in the petri technique to make the drops of color float in resin.  This is one of my favorite alcohol ink crafts.


Alcohol ink and metal pendant

finished resin washer pendant

Use alcohol ink on a metal washer from the home improvement store, then glaze it with resin to give it a final shine.  This project is an easy way to make abstract art looking pendants as no two pendants will ever look the same.

Ink swirl resin bracelet

Resin and alcohol ink mixed together make beautiful transparent colors in resin.  Pour them into a mold at the same time, then let the colors blend at the edges to make even more colors together.  Here’s how to use them to make an ink swirl resin bracelet.

Tutti Frutti bracelet

turn loop outward

Did you know you can use alcohol inks for coloring quick-curing polyurethane resins?  Let the unique, alcohol-based colors mix with the opaque-curing resin to make some interesting new shades.  Look at how this alcohol ink and resin bracelet turned out.

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  1. I want to know what kind of tags can I use to put in resin jewelry if you want to sell it. Where can I buy them? Also where can I buy chains for the pendants? Thank you

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