The Top 10 Best Gifts for Artists That They’ll Actually Use

top 10 best gifts for artistsHave you ever tried to buy or make a unique gift for a creative person? Not only do you have to come up with a creative idea, but it’s also got to be something you know they’ll find creative too.

Talk about pressure.

Not to worry. Some of the best gifts for artists are supplies they can use to make art. They’ll appreciate an inventory to use that allows them to flex their inventive talents.

Here are our best gifts for artists with any skill level.

You might even want to get a few of these for yourself.


If you’re buying for someone already a resin addict, I promise you they cannot get enough resin. Big projects like a table need a lot of resin. Even small projects like jewelry can use up your supplies quickly. You can’t go wrong with some epoxy resin.

Resin books

I don’t know an artist that doesn’t have a huge book collection about their favorite art interest. I’ve got at least 20 books about resin alone. While I’ve written several resin books myself, I also love looking at resin books for inspiration. This one is one of my favorites.


Resin is messy. I used to blame it on my newness to the artists’ realm but now I know it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. Fifteen years of experience doesn’t mean that I don’t drip it on my clothes.  Not intentionally.  But somehow resin knows when you’re wearing your favorite shorts.

Resin Molds

One of the most fun parts of creating with resin is getting to try out a new mold. If the artists on your gifts list haven’t tried silicone molds yet, get them one of our best sellers. These are what other creatives are crushing over in our store right now.

Storage bins

Sometimes (okay, who am I kidding–all of the time) getting ready to make resin crafts takes longer than actually making them. Having a storage bin you can pick up and move make things so much easier instead of running to the closet constantly.

Resin Colors

If resin had to stay clear, I wouldn’t love it as much as I do. You can go through many colorants if you’re a resin artist.

And why is it that your favorite resin colors always seem to be running out?

Mixing supplies

What makes these the best gifts for artists? You can never have too many supplies. Promise. Items like resin mixing cups, stirring sticks, and disposable gloves are always welcome.

Cleaning supplies

Remember me talking about making messes on my clothes and needing an apron? Yeah. The drips manage to make it to the floor and table too. As uncreative as it is, paper towels, baby wipes, and denatured alcohol are some of the best gifts you can give to resin artists.


Spending hours upon hours in a studio means I have a lot of time to listen. Which is a great opportunity to get caught up on a lot of books. Whether the audiobook is a one-time gift or a subscription, the artist in your life will love that you’re enriching their mind. In a different creative way.

All in One Kit

No best gifts for artists list would be complete without talking about a resin starter kit. You can introduce your artsy friend to the world of resin with a kit that contains all the materials they need to get started.

But what if my artist friend doesn’t need any more stuff?

How about a day out. Is there a special exhibition coming to a space near you? Give the gift of tickets and lunch with your artist bestie. They’ll love spending time with you and the opportunity to see someone else’s art and creativity. It’s one of the best gifts for artists who like to get out and explore.

Want to help the favorite artist in your life get started with resin?

Want to help the favorite artist in your life get started with resin? Then you will want to buy them a copy of Resin Fundamentals. Instead of spending hours learning everything you need to know about resin, get the book I’ve written for beginners. I’ve condensed my fifteen years of epoxy experience into a book you can read in an afternoon. Buy now, and the ebook is ready to download in minutes.

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