Bottle cap magnet DIY

bottle cap magnet tutorial

In going through the blog over the last few weeks, I can’t believe I have never shown you how to use the epoxy stickers in bottle caps.  This is a super easy project that can easily be done in an afternoon.

bottle cap magnet supplies

So you might be wondering if I’m into resin and all, why would I even want to make a bottle cap magnet using epoxy stickers?  Sometimes resin isn’t always the best choice.  (Gasp!)  I know, hard for me to think about too, but there a couple of times I would recommend this project.

1.  If you are doing something with kids, especially young kids.  Small children don’t understand the importance of safety or sticky when working with resin.  Assuming they are beyond the age of putting them in their mouths, you will be a lot safer working with the stickers.

2.  If you want to move your project right away.  Girls night out?  Afternoon crafting session with a club or group?  Yeah, you aren’t going to be able to move those projects for several hours to a couple of days.  If you are careful, you can move your project in approximately 30 minutes to take home with you.

remove protective layer from epoxy sticker

The epoxy stickers come with a protective layer of plastic.  You will need to peel this off before you can remove a sticker.

place sticker on clip art

The backside of the sticker is sticky.  You will want to carefully place it onto your desired clip art.  I used the Resin Obsession grunge pattern downloadable clip art for this project.  The back is fairly sticky, so you will only have once chance to get it where you want it.

trim paper near sticker edge

Using scissors, trim the edge of the paper close to the sticker.  This is something you may have to help young crafters with.  You can cut the stickers with scissors if you are not paying attention.

apply glue to sticker back

Apply a layer of clear drying, white glue to the paper on the back of the sticker.  You will want to be careful not to apply too much because it will come over the edge of the sticker when you place it into the bottle cap.

place sticker into bottle cap

Place the sticker into the bottle cap.  I used chrome colored open edge bottle caps for my project.

apply magnet or punch hole

I applied magnets to the back of my bottle caps, but you could easily punch a hole in the flared edge to make it into a wearable pendant.

DIY bottle cap magnets

Here is my finished set of 6 magnets.  This project can easily be done in under an hour.  I love it as a project for birthday party entertainment or even when going to visit grandparents.  It’s something all ages can enjoy with minimal skills required!

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