Bracelet making ideas – make a resin bracelet in a day

resin bracelet ideasBy Myléne Hillam


If you are looking for some new bracelet making ideas, this project can be done in an afternoon!

Supply list:

Quick-curing polyurethane resin
Castin’Craft Opaque Pigments: Yellow
Castin’Craft Translucent Dyes: Green
Piñata Alcohol Ink: Señorita Magenta
Silicone Trivet with square cavities (found in dollar and kitchenware stores)
19 silver crazy wire beads (make these on a coiling gizmo or purchase them pre-made)
108 Six millimeter silver split rings (split rings are more secure than jump rings)
12 inches of 18 or 20 gauge wire, any color
Silver bracelet memory wire
1oz graduated plastic measuring cups
Wooden stir sticks
Squares of toilet tissue
Nylon jaw pliers
Memory wire shears
Round nose pliers
A heavy object for weighing down the wire ends
Disposable gloves

string split rings

Step 1

Run the wire through the nylon jaw pliers several times to straighten out any kinks or curves. String 13 to 18 split rings onto the wire.

position split rings

Step 2

Line up the wire with one column of squares on the silicone trivet and position a split ring in each cavity, leaving a couple of cavities empty at the top and bottom so you have room to anchor the wire down. A toothpick can help in positioning them. Weigh down the ends with a heavy object. Make sure that each split ring sits partially below the top of the cavity so that it will be encased in resin. If not, press down the wire in that section until they do. The split rings do not need to be centered in each cavity.  This will add to the playfulness of the bracelet.

measure fast cast a

Step 3

Before working with the resin, put on the gloves. Measure out 2.5 milliliters of Part A (the amber part).

add color resin

Step 4

Add 3 drops of alcohol ink to Part A and mix it into the resin.

measure fast cast b

Step 5

Measure out 2.5 milliliters of Part B in the same cup.

mix resin

Step 6

Mix the two parts together quickly and thoroughly until there are no stripes of color showing. Then, scrape the sides and bottom of the cup to release any unmixed resin and mix again thoroughly.

pour resin

Step 7

Fill the mold cavities.  Hold the cup close to the mold so that you can control where the resin is pouring. You will find that drips form on the outside of the cup after filling a few cavities. This will make it harder to pour into the right holes so quickly wipe the drips away with a piece of toilet tissue and continue pouring. It is okay if the resin gets on the split rings.

reposition split rings

Move any split rings that are touching the walls of the mold away from the edges using the toothpick. Leave the resin to cure for about 15 minutes.

Step 8

Hold one end of the wire and pull the blocks out of the trivet. If they don’t release easily, let them cure a little longer.

twist cubes to remove

Some of the blocks may be stuck on the wire. You will be able to twist these off by rotating them back and forth until they release from the wire.

trim edges

Step 9

Cut apart any that are joined together and trim away any uneven edges.

straighten wire

Step 10

Run the wire through the nylon jaw pliers to straighten out any kinks. Repeat steps 1 to 9 to make additional batches of blocks. You will need a total of 40 magenta blocks, 40 uncolored blocks and 28 lime green blocks. To make the lime green blocks, color Part A with two small squeezes of yellow pigment and two drops of green dye.

turn outward facing loop

Step 11

To make the bracelet, cut 5 coils of memory wire with the memory wire shears. Turn an outward facing loop on one end with round nose pliers.

string beads

Step 12

Place a crazy wire bead onto the coil.

stringing bead pattern

Step 13

String 3 magenta and 3 white blocks onto the wire alternately. Follow with another wire bead and a second lot of magenta and white blocks onto the coil.

stringing pattern continued

The stringing pattern for the middle of the bracelet is: wire bead, lime green, magenta, white, lime green, magenta and white. String a total of 14 sets.

stringing pattern complete

Complete the bracelet by stringing a wire bead, 3 magenta and 3 white blocks strung alternately. Repeat once and then string a wire bead to finish.

cut excess wire

Step 14

Push up all the blocks so there are no gaps. Trim the memory wire with memory wire shears to 3/8” from the last bead.

turn loop outward

Turn an outward facing loop with the round nose pliers.

You can always use different colors to create a different look.

Ready for more bracelet making ideas with resin?

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    1. I am not sure they are marketed by a brand name at the Dollar Stores. I think the hex ones would be very cute also. Procedure would be the same. IMHO

  1. Hello from Rhodes Island,Greece. My question: can i make mosaic tiles from resin? How??? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Tsampika, you have a lot going on here!

      I want to help you with your project, and I think this situation is best suited for a one-on-one consulting call where you and I talk back and forth about what’s going on. A 15-minute consultation call is $20. I do them by video so I can have a chance to see what you are working on. If you are interested, please send a message through the ‘contact us’ page and I can get this going for you.

      Katherine @ Resin Obsession

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