Concrete Resin Coaster Tutorial – Mixed media coaster tutorial

How to make a concrete and resin coaster tutorial

by Penny Reid

Gold-leafed, Japanese, Concrete, Resin Coasters?!?!

Once again, I find myself exploring Chiyogami paper (handmade silk-screened Japanese paper).  It is so pretty and unique!  At $2.50 for an 8×11 sheet, I don’t usually buy more than a couple at a time, and I try to find papers that go together nicely. For this project, I chose a soft pink and light teal.  Both had simple gold designs and tickled me pink (and teal)!

Here’s how I’m bringing them all together in this concrete resin coaster tutorial.

Gold-leafed, Japanese, Concrete, Resin Coasters

Gold-leafed, Japanese, Concrete, Resin Coasters


STEP 1: Seal the papers

Prepare your paper by laying it on wax paper and coating it with Mod Podge. Cover the entire paper on both sides, three times each side (for a total of six coats) waiting at least 30 minutes to 1 hour in between coats.

Note: You can use any paper for this project of course, but I would recommend coating any paper this way in preparation for the resin to ensure no staining.

Chiyogami Paper

Mod Podge to Seal

Spread the Mod Podge

STEP 2: Cut paper to fit

Cut the paper to fit the substrate you are putting it on. Mine is a 4×4 inch coaster made from concrete.  (More on this in the next step).

Cut the Paper

Check for Size

STEP 3:  Mix and pour concrete

I really like working with concrete.  Many resin molds work very well, particularly the simple plastic molds. I used the Resin Obsession Square Base Mold. Use a little Vaseline to coat the mold and pour in some concrete, let cure 24 hours.

Note: Of course you can use any base you want, wood, cork, resin, plastic, etc.

Concrete Coaster

STEP 4:  Add gold leaf

I put gold leaf all over the coasters. You will need gold leaf and gold leaf sizing (the special sticky glue for gold leaf). It’s incredibly messy and little gold leaf pieces will fly everywhere! I line my sink with wax paper and do my gold leafing there.  This contains the mess somewhat. Follow the steps for gold leafing on the bottle of sizing.  The basic steps are to

  • *put it on your substrate
  • *leave it at least 5-10 minutes (depending on the porousness of the substrate)
  • *use a sponge brush to burnish it on
  • *remove the excess

Gold Leaf Supplies

Gold Leaf Prep

Gold Leaf Up Close

Gold Leaf in Action

Gold Leaf Done

STEP 5:  Add the paper

Arrange your paper onto your coaster leaving little bits of areas where the gold leaf can peek out, or just cover the entire surface and show only the sides where the gold leaf is. I did both. Use Mod Podge to glue it down and to seal the edges.

Note:  Seal the edges twice to avoid resin leaking under the paper and staining it in the next step.

Planning the Paper

Put on the Paper

Seal before Resining Again

Seal the Edges Again

STEP 6 :  Add resin

Now for the most fun part yet of this concrete resin coaster project, pouring resin! I used Resin Obsession Cups and Stir Stix to measure and mix the Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin.  Once I poured it onto the coaster, I used the Zap Embossing Heat Tool to get rid of the bubbles. Then, I gently placed the coasters on plastic spikes from the leftover packaging of something I bought.  (Resin and things that can be used as tools are always top of mind!) Next, I used props to drape a plastic wrap around all of the coasters.

Preparing to Resin




Get Rid of the Bubbles


STEP 7:  Add backing

Twenty-four hours later and here is the big reveal! They looked great with a nice smooth finish and no debris or bubbles. However, there were inevitably some drips that I missed smoothing away while they were curing. These drips are easily dealt with by sanding them down. Once this step is done, glue on a piece of cork for backing, and you are done!

Resin Dried

Check for Drips

Sand Drips

Glue on Cork

Glue on Cork

STEP 8: Enjoy your work!

Here is the finished set. What do you think?

Single Finished Concrete Coaster

concrete resin coaster tutorial

What do you think of this concrete resin coaster tutorial?  Is this something you would try?

Excited to get started with resin but worried about making a mistake?

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19 thoughts on “Concrete Resin Coaster Tutorial – Mixed media coaster tutorial

  1. Very clever! I love the gold leaf as part of the design. I am not sure I have patience for all that gold leafing, I would probably use gold spray paint instead LOL

  2. Hi..I’m starting a new project ! I am a crafter..I have NOT found a video..on how this works ! So I am asking your advice. I was at a craft fair this past weekend, and purchased a
    Picture frame with crushed shells,starfish and nautical decor
    In the frame.there was a coating of clear liquid hardener over it ! I assumed resin ? Where can I get a video to do this project ? Thank you so much

  3. I normally don’t comment, but thoroughly enjoyed this. I like the photos showing the progress along the way. I’m addicted to the way resin brings out the beauty of so many things. Can’t wait to create these.

  4. Lovely! So pretty and I have so many ideas! I want to make some with my sketches on them! I think it might save a ton of time and money by not gold leafing the part that would be covered by the paper. Would that work? Seems like a waste to apply the gold leaf on more than the edges, I’d make so many more coasters!

  5. How can I take resin off? My first try at resin left dips and valleys on the coasters so they ate not smooth on top 🙁 I love the dirty pour I did on them so I do not want to throw away these. Can you please help me?

    1. If the divots are 1/8 inch or less, you can recoat with another layer of resin. Otherwise, you will need to sand. End with a 1000 grit or higher sandpaper, otherwise, you will see sanding marks underneath.

  6. Is there a reason you gold leafed the entire coaster, even where you were putting the paper?
    I want to try this project and don’t want to leave it off if it serves a purpose.

  7. I would like to try this, not to use as coasters but to make a miniature Squares (4×4) of my portrait art (originals are in oil 20×20 inch) I paint indigenous people from around the world. The square resin miniatures would be placed on a World Map. Could I use a plaster base instead of concrete? Do I mod Podge my photos first?

    Eager to start…

    With gratitude,

  8. Where did you purchase the paper, and, what brand is the small scale paper cutter shown?
    Thank you for great tutorials and products!
    A newbie:)

  9. These coasters are beautiful. Creating art on cement coasters, or using this method to pour cement in smaller shapes to design unique mosiacs. Thank you for the inspiration Katherine.

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