Craft tape pendant tutorial – make a pendant with washi tape

washi tape pendants

Originally written July 2014.  Updated March 2020.

Making pendants with unique designs doesn’t have to be hard.  In this craft tape pendant tutorial, I’m showing how you can use colorful washi tape, or other craft tape squares, to create artsy pendants.  Specifically, I’m using 1-inch craft tape squares because they fit perfectly in 1-inch square bezel blanks.

I’m making three designs, but finishing each one of them differently:  one with resin, one with Judikins Diamond Glaze and one with Judikins fluxe.  You can see the results of all three pendants of this craft tape pendant tutorial at the end.

Step 1

place tape into pendant tray

Fit the craft tape sections to the bezel blank.

press tape into pendant

Use a toothpick to press the tape down into the corners.

Step 2

adding resin diamond glaze enameling fluxe to pendants

Use your filler of choice for your pendant.  For one pendant, I mixed and added Resin Obsession super clear epoxy resin.  If you have never used resin before, you can learn more about how to mix resin.

For the second pendant, I added Judikins Diamond Glaze.  This product does not require mixing and can simply be poured into the bezel blank, then allowed to dry.

For the third pendant, I filled it with Judikins enameling fluxe.  This product requires heat to go from its powder form to a clear finish.

Finished pendants comparison

resin diamond glaze enameling fluxe pendant comparison

I wanted to show you the differences between the three pendants in this craft tape pendant tutorial:

1.  The resin cured with the highest dome.  If you want the most magnification and ‘thickest’ look, then resin is your choice.

2.  All three had a smooth surface, but the resin was definitely the smoothest.  I don’t think the average person could see the very minor waves in the diamond glaze or fluxe pendant, but I tend to be crazy about noticing things like that.

3.  The Diamond Glaze and fluxe didn’t dome up as much as the resin, but was still thick enough to give a glossy finish.

4.  The resin requires the most skill.  The Diamond Glaze and Fluxe were super easy to use, and in my estimation, easy enough for any beginner to get a nice finish with.

craft tape pendants tutorial

Regardless of which way you choose to finish your pendants, I think you will be happy with the results.  Enjoy your new jewelry!

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I live in South Africa, in George which is a big city. Where can I buy bezels for pendants? I luv your tutorials. Thank you


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