DIY July 4th Decorations For Your Table

DIY July 4th table decorations

Want to DIY July 4th decorations for a party? Make this easy patriotic lantern for your home. This project will look great as a centerpiece or with a candle on your mantel.

Resin Supplies needed to make this July 4th lantern:

-Lantern with glass sides
Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin
Resin Obsession Pearl Powder Colorant
Resin Obsession Bright Translucent Color Pigments in red and blue
-Silver Leading Paint
Mixing Cup
Measuring Cups
Stir Sticks
-Star shape for a template

resin supplies for making resin patriotic lantern


Step 1: Remove glass

Remove the glass from the lantern if possible and lay it flat on a piece of cardboard. This lets you pour resin on all of the glass pieces at once. If you can’t remove them, just pour one side at a time.

Hint: If you can’t remove the glass panes, you can use masking or painter’s tape to prevent the metal areas from getting resin. Don’t forget to tape the back of the glass panes, too, since resin might leak from the front to the back.

Trace around a star shape on each pane with the silver leading. I used a wood star, but you could also print an image on your computer and use it. Set this aside to dry overnight.

silver leading star shape

Step 2:  Measure and mix resin


Once dry, measure and mix resin in your mixing cup. (I mixed about an ounce and a half.) Pour into individual small cups and stir in the resin colors. I colored a larger portion with pearl powder, then two smaller amounts with red and blue.

resin and resin colorant mix


Step 3:  Pour resin onto the glass


Here’s where your DIY July 4th decorations come to life.

Pour the pearlized resin over the entire glass spreading to the edges but avoiding the inside of your star. I find the stir sticks helpful in applying the resin into a thin, even coat. Add the red or blue resin to each star shape.

resin coated glass lantern panes

Leave your panels flat until the resin has completely cured, then add the panels back to your lantern. Add in a candle or even twinkle lights for a festive display.

resin patriotic lantern with candle inside

These are perfect for welcoming guests to your party or as a centerpiece everyone will love.

DIY July 4th decorations for a front door

Make a patriotic lantern or two for your home this year.

diy resin patriotic lantern

You can apply this DIY July 4th decorations theme to another party’s decor. Create a different shape to fill with resin.   Imagine what you could do for an evening dinner or wedding reception.

Are you inspired to take on more resin crafts and jewelry-making projects?

Then you don’t want to miss getting your copy of the ebook, Resin Jewelry Making.  It’s a crash course in creating with resin. It also includes several projects you can make this weekend.


Originally written by Angie Holden

Unpublished Blog Posts of Resin Obsession, LLC © 2022 Resin Obsession, LLC

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