DIY napkin rings – Make resin flower napkin rings

How to make flower napkin rings

Originally written November 2012.  Updated February 2020.

Learn how to use the Resin Obsession Super Clear resin and Resin Obsession Color Blast resin to DIY napkin rings for your Thanksgiving celebration!

resin jewelry making supplies

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Step 1

Apply a light layer of mold release to your flower mold.  Here’s how:  How to apply mold release to an intricate detail pattern silicone mold.  You can use any flower silicone mold you want, but I chose this particular mold because I wanted something that looked like a fall mum flower.

epoxy resin

Step 2

Mix the Resin Obsession super clear resin according to label directions.  It mixes two part A to one Part B.  If you have never mixed resin before, check out how to mix resin and hardener in five easy steps.

glitter resin

Step 3

Add glitter to your liking.  I wanted a chocolate mocha look for my DIY napkin rings.

pouring resin into a mold

Step 4

Slowly pour the resin into your mold.  A toothpick can help guide the resin into the mold.

resin in mold

Use the toothpick to help guide the resin into all the cracks and crevices of the mold.

bubbles in resin

Step 5

Don’t forget to remove the bubbles from your resin.  If you are very careful, you can blow through a straw to pop the bubbles, but don’t inhale the resin!

applying glitter to resin

Step 6

I wanted to make sure the casting was glittery, so after the piece had cured for about 30 minutes, I added another layer of glitter.  By waiting, the glitter will stay on the back of the sticky resin and not sink.

Step 7

Now is the time to mix and pour the honey and tangerine color blast resin.  Use the same technique as with the clear resin.

getting bubbles out of resin

Hint:  With these intricate molds (such as this one with the deep, thin petals on these flowers), it is easy for bubbles to get trapped while you are pouring.  Pour a bit of resin, then pick up the mold.  Twist it a bit like you would if you were trying to demold it.  This will allow trapped bubbles to come to the surface.

resin in silicone mold

Step 8

Fill the resin to the top, then add a few more drops.  You want to ever so slightly overfill your resin mold because the resin will shrink a little bit as it cures (and cools).

demolding resin castings

Step 9

After the resin has cured, remove your resin castings by gently twisting the mold.  The casting should release and all you have to do is lift it out.

trim resin

Step 10

If you have any resin overflow or ‘tags’, you can trim them off with heavy-duty kitchen shears.

sanding resin

A nail file works great to sand off any sharp or rough points.

roll metal coil

Step 11

Next, you will need to make your coils for the back of the DIY napkin rings.  Wrap your 16 gauge metal around the knitting needle mandrel.  I wrapped this coil 4 times.

Hint:  don’t have a knitting needle?  A ballpoint pen will work too.  I used brass wire, but a steel wire would work too.

wrapped metal coil

Step 12

Press your metal coil together with a pair of pliers.  Cut the ends with side-cutters.  File the ends if necessary to remove any sharp points.

E6000 glue

Step 13

Apply a dot of the E6000 glue to the back of the flowers and the metal coils (along the edge with the cut ends).  Allow the glue to sit for 2 minutes before pressing the pieces together.

glue metal coil

Place the metal coils, with the cut ends down, into the adhesive on the resin flowers.  Allow to dry at least 12 hours.  Hint:  You can trim/remove extra E6000 adhesive once it is dry.

resin flower charm on ribbon

Step 14

Cut an 8-inch long piece of ribbon.  Thread your resin charm onto your ribbon.

knot tying

Tie a loose knot with the ribbon on the other side.

thanksgiving dinner place setting

Our flower napkin rings are now finished!

orange mum flower napkin ring

I love the contrast of colors and textures between the tangerine orange flower with the ribbon and the ecru colored cloth napkin.

napkin ring

For this napkin ring, I put two of the flowers together.  I liked the contrast between the solid honey mustard yellow color with the clear and mocha glitter sparkles of the other flower.

Now you have the perfect DIY napkin rings for your Thanksgiving table decorations!


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