DIY resin button bracelet – make a resin bracelet

How to make a bracelet with resin buttons

Did you know that resin buttons don’t have to be used as buttons?  Like, you can turn them into jewelry!  I’m going to show you how to do just that in this DIY resin button bracelet tutorial.

I used the smooth heart-shaped button mold with  Resin Obsession super clear resin and Resin Obsession opaque purple pigment.  For the other casting, I used Heart-shaped button mold with Resin Obsession super clear resin and Resin Obsession bright green pigment.

Note:  If you are new to resin casting and want to see how to do it, head over to this link: How to make resin jewelry.

loop cord

Step 1:  Cut the cord and loop through the button

I cut a piece of waxed linen cord 14 inches long.  I pulled each end through two holes (top/bottom) on the right side of the button.  Pull the cord ends back through the loop.

wrap one cord end around other

Step 2:  Wrap the cord

Wrap one cord end around the other cord end three times.  The coil should end closer to the end of the other cord, not the resin heart.

pull end through coil

Step 3:  Pull the end through the coil

Take the end of the coil and thread it through at the top of the coil.  Pull that end tight to tighten the knot.

resin button bracelet

Step 4:  Tie a knot

Tie the ends of the cords in a knot.  The bracelet can now slide open and closed by moving the knot you tied in the last step.

DIY button bracelet tutorial

For the purple heart bracelet, I tied both sides to each other (I only tied one side to the other for the green heart).  To do that, I needed two pieces of cord 18 inches long, not 14 inches.  The advantage to doing both sides is that you won’t have a long end that dangles when you pull it tight, but it is harder to get on and off by yourself.

button bracelet DIY

I think the bracelets turned out really cute.  I could see making a DIY resin button bracelet being a fun afternoon activity for a birthday party!


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