DIY tree ornaments – Christmas ornaments with resin

mustache Christmas ornaments

Originally written December 2015.  Updated December 2019.

I don’t know why, but count me in as one of those crafters who has a fascination with mustaches.  (and a fear of fairies — but that’s another blog post).  I couldn’t help myself when I decided this week that I needed to make even more DIY tree ornaments to go on our Christmas tree.  Let’s go with a mustache, but make it sparkly green to go with the tree?!  (because that says Christmas, right?)

mixing glitter into resin

Step 1

I mixed 15 cc total of Resin Obsession super clear resin and colored it with Stampendous green microglitter.

pouring resin into a mustache silicone mold

Step 2

I poured the mixed resin into our mustache silicone mold.  After you do that, you are going to need to wait.  You will need to check your resin every 30 to 45 minutes or so before moving onto the next step of making our DIY tree ornaments.  The resin needs to be formed, but soft.  It will be a bit sticky, but it shouldn’t be gooey.  For the super clear resin, that point was 4 hours after mixing.

demolding a resin mustache casting

It’s a little hard to tell here, but this mustache casting is formed, but bendy.  It can still be a bit tacky at this point, so exercise caution about getting it on yourself.  Wear gloves if necessary.

forming a resin mustache on a glass Christmas tree ornament

Step 3

Remove the resin casting from the mold.  Then, form the air-exposed side of the resin onto the surface of a glass ball ornament.

sticky resin on a glass ball tree ornament

This is what happens when the resin is formed, but too sticky to work with.  It ends up as a big sticky mess.  Note:  If you try to get your resin out the mold and it seems gooey or extra sticky, stop.  Check the resin again in about 30 minutes.

DIY tree ornaments with resin mustaches

After allowing the pieces to fully cure, they adhered to the glass ornaments.  I think the smaller mustache looks better on these ornaments.  I would do larger ornaments for the larger mustache.

If you were to make these, what would you put on your DIY tree ornaments?


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This is such a great ideal. I love the mustache ornament. I would have to pull out my mold stash to see what would work.

Susan Myers

Very cute. I wonder if you could make these, cut them in half and use as leaves on flowers?


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