DIY Valentine’s Day wall art

DIY Valentine’s Day wall art

DIY Valentine's Day resin wall art

by Penny Reid

The hearts used in this DIY Valentine’s Day wall art were created in this article on making resin hearts.

resin heart art

I will be using two of my favourite resin hearts from Part 1 — the clear one with Stampendous Glass Glitter and the pink one made with Resin Obsession Opaque Color Pigments.

resin hearts for art projects


  • – cured and ready to use resin hearts
  • – wooden canvases
  • – acrylic paint
  • – metallic paint or metallic wax
  • – Mod Podge glue
  • foam brush
  • E-6000 glue
  • – art paper (and scissors or paper trimmer)
  • – twine
  • – Dremel drill and eye hooks (any size, as long as they are compatible, I used a drill bit of 1/16)


I had these wooden canvases on hand for resin painting, but since it’s such nice wood I thought it might be neat to create a plaque using my resin heart.

wooden canvas

back of canvas


As an added twist and to mimic a bit of a shallow shadow box I turned it around and used the back! I used acrylic paint to coat the wood – a pearlescent white and a satin black.

painting canvas

adding wax to canvas

waxing close-up

wax added to canvas


For the middle of the wooden/sunken part of the wooden canvas, I will be gluing down some art paper. For this part, measure, measure, measure!  I  use a paper trimmer because otherwise my cuts are notoriously crooked.  Make sure you work out any air bubbles in the paper by pressing down firmly.

cutting the art paper

check the fit of the paper in the frame

add glue

press paper in place


Time to make some holes so I can add eye-hooks to be able to put my plaque on the wall. Since these have a rustic look, I will use twine. For the holes I used an 1/16 drill bit and eye-hooks that fit.

drill holes for eye hooks

insert eye hooks

both screws placed in canvas

cut twine

loop twine into eye hook

tie twine


Last step! Time to add the resin hearts. I used E6000 Jewelry Glue because it’s super strong and reliable.

glue with high-quality glue

glue down hearts

pink resin heart in frame

clear resin heart in frame

Here they are! Ready for Valentine’s Day and I’ll probably leave them on the wall year-round!

clear resin heart art finished

pink resin heart art finished

If you missed Part 1 of this post, check it out here: Resin Hearts Tutorial.
You should now be inspired to work on your own DIY Valentine’s Day wall art!
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