Easy DIY resin jewelry – simple beginner project

easy resin jewelry projectThe easiest way to make multi-colored resin jewelry

If you are looking for some easy DIY resin jewelry ideas, this jewelry project is just what you need.  Simply pick your resin colors and gather your resin supplies.  This super simple resin project can be completed in a weekend.

Supply list:

Cabochon jewelry pendant silicone mold
Cabochon jewelry matched earring silicone mold
Resin Obsession super clear resin
Resin Obsession opaque color pigments (I used blue, green, purple, yellow and teal)
Mixing cups, stir stix and gloves

Step 1

mixing clear resin

Use measuring cups to carefully measure 10 ml of Part A resin and 5 ml of Part B hardener.  Mix them together thoroughly with a stir stix.

Step 2

adding dots of color to a silicone mold

Split the resin amongst several cups and color as desired.  Use a toothpick to drip a small amount of resin into each cavity without covering the entire surface

Pro tip:  Since dots of resin color are going to be on the front of the jewelry, you want to think ahead and pick colors that are a good contrast or compliment with the back color you will use in the second pour.

Allow to fully cure.

Step 3

pouring colored resin into a silicone mold

Mix another 15 ml of super clear resin.  Color as desired with contrasting colors.  Pour the resin over the cured resin dots from the first resin pour.

Pro tip:  Be gentle when moving the molds.  you want to be careful to not demold or break the dots away from your silicone mold.


silicone molds filled with resin

Completely fill the rest of the mold cavities with resin and allow to cure.

Step 4

demolding resin charms from a silicone mold

Once cured, gently demold the charms by twisting the mold and grabbing the charm edge.  Sand off any rough edges as necessary with wet/dry sandpaper.

Step 5

two tone resin jewelry

Add jump rings, then hang on a necklace or ear wires.

Pro tip:  The great thing about using the two silicone resin molds in the supply list is that they cast with the hole in place.  No drilling is necessary!

purple and green resin earrings

These resin earrings are my favorite.  I decided to keep this pair for myself.

resin jewelry purple teal yellow

While the shapes don’t match, you could easily make the heart pendant and drop earrings a matched set because the colors are the same.  It really makes a difference to use highly contrasting colors.

Which of the easy DIY resin jewelry color combinations is your favorite?

And if you want to see this easy DIY resin jewelry in action, here ya go! 

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8 thoughts on “Easy DIY resin jewelry – simple beginner project

  1. I have some of the clear resin with the two bottles. It says one part to one part of each. You wrote two parts to one part. What kind of resin are you using? I am new to all of this. Thanks in advance, Loretta Sturkie

  2. Hi Katherine, those colors look so opaque! I love them. What did you use as a colorant??? I’m pretty new, I’ve tried alcohol inks… transparent and seemed to mix ok sometimes but not others…..

    1. Any clear resin should be able to do that for you. Is there a specific problem you are having where you can’t get a shiny finish?

  3. I just want to say how much I enjoy your constant attention & encouragement, it does help, keep them coming, Diana

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