Epoxy Resin Clock DIY – How To Make A Clock with Resin

resin clock DIY

By Penny Reid

It seems like marble finishes are everywhere in home décor, so I thought I would try making an epoxy resin clock with my new resin clock mold. It’s much simpler than you might think to learn how to make a clock with resin! Follow along as I walk you through these step-by-step resin clock DIY instructions.

finished resin clock DIY project hanging on a wall

Supplies for this resin clock DIY project:

 empty resin clock mold upside down on white surface

I used a resin clock face mold with Arabic numerals.

Step 1

I mixed my resin and divided it into 3 separate containers to create the colors I need for a faux marble finish.

WHITE: In one cup I added 6 drops of white colorant

GOLD: In another cup, I added a small amount of gold powder

If you are new to mixing resin, read this article first: How to measure and mix epoxy resin and hardener

Step 2

pouring resin into resin clock mold

resin clock mold filled with uncured resin

I filled the entire mold with white resin first, being careful not to cover the middle part.  That hole will be necessary for the clock mechanism I will install later.

Step 3

adding colored resin to white resin base

Using a toothpick, I dropped in the gray and the gold and blended it into the white epoxy resin clock base to create a marble effect. I have learned that less is more when designing a marble effect for this resin clock DIY, so you will only need to add a little of each. Be sure to push it down since you want it to get to the bottom of the mold, since that side will be front-facing.

Step 4

using an embossing gun to blow out bubbles in resin clock

Using an embossing gun, I blew out the bubbles.

Step 5

 resin clock cured and pulled out of the mold

Twelve hours later, the DIY resin clock face was fully cured. I took it out of the mold.

Step 6

painting resin clock numerals with gold paint

Using a foam brush, I highlighted the numbers with gold acrylic paint.

Step 7

 clock movement kit in package

completed resin clock with mechanism in place

This resin clock mechanism came from my local craft store and cost under $10.00. I felt intimidated to put this together, but it’s incredibly simple. Take the clock mechanism, which has a hole that matches the hole in the mold, and screw the clock hands on the top.

Step 8

brushing glue on resin clock backing for card stock

Optional: I could have stopped here, but I wanted to jazz my epoxy resin clock up a bit so I used a wood board and cardstock paper to create a backing.

Step 9

drilling hole in resin clock backing

Then, I drilled a hole at the top so I could mount my epoxy resin clock on the wall. A drill is something else I was totally intimidated to use when I first started crafting, but I have crossed that hurdle. Using one has widened my options when creating resin crafts.

showing how to place a nail on the resin clock backing

To put the resin clock on the board, I had to add a nail for it to hang on. The clock mechanism has a hook on the back that needs extra space in order to hang properly on the wall.

finished resin clock DIY project hanging on a wall

I hung the clock on the board and mounted it on my kitchen wall for a cute and kitschy resin wall clock!

We hope this resin clock DIY guide was easy to follow, and you feel confident knowing how to make a clock with resin. If you have any questions, find us on social media or leave a comment below!

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16 thoughts on “Epoxy Resin Clock DIY – How To Make A Clock with Resin

  1. I was planning to put gold colored resin in the numbers, let that cure, then pour the body of the clock. I haven’t worked with the mold yet. Any comments or suggestions appreciated.

    1. Hi Vicki, you can do it that way, but quite frankly, I think the way Penny shows (painting after demolding) is easier. It will be hard to only get the colored resin in the number cavities.

  2. I think the clock is beautiful but I have a question for you.
    I bought a 12″ wood clock face .I want to cover it with resin, the sides are rippled , any suggestions would be helpful. I already have the clock works.

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