Feather resin jewelry

feather resin jewelryHow to make your own feather resin jewelry

In preparing for my live broadcast in Facebook last week, a few people asked me about using feathers in resin.  Sad to say that I had never given that a try.  Lucky for me, our chickens are molting and leaving feathers everywhere.

Meet Okapi.  She’s the boss chicken — maybe because she knows she has the prettiest feathers.  Or maybe it’s because when she wants to eat, none of the other ones do.  She also made a point of pecking me while I was searching her pen for feathers and because I forgot to bring her table scraps.  She must have been hangry!  In case you are wondering, she got her name from looking like an okapi when she was a chick.  My kids know if I ever have a zoo, I will want an okapi.  She will have to do until then.  😉

prep feathers with resin gloss sealer spray

I didn’t want the feathers to take up moisture stains, so I prepped them with two layers on each side of the resin gloss sealer spray.  This made them very stiff, which I would learn later would be a disadvantage to getting them in the mold.

measuring and mixing resin

I used 1 ounce mixing cups to measure 20 cc of Part A and 10 cc of Part B of the Resin Obsession super clear resin.  I poured them into a larger 10 ounce mixing cup to give me enough room to mix them thoroughly.

pouring resin in a plastic mold with feathers

I added enough of my mixed resin to cover the bottom of the mold.  I placed the feathers, then added more resin.  As much as a tried, I couldn’t smoosh the feathers into the mold all the way.

feathers in a resin mold

This is how it looked as I finished filling it with resin.  I immediately knew I wanted a do over.

feathers in a resin bracelet mold

For the second bracelet, I made two changes:

1.  I rubbed the feather to make it smooth and skinny before I sprayed it with resin gloss sealer spray.
2. After they dried, I trimmed them with scissors to make an exact fit with the bracelet.

You can see they fit in much better with the second casting.

By the way, demolding these skinny bangle bracelets can be quite a challenge.  Okay, a totally frustrating pain in the arse.  I created a video to show three tricks to getting it done:

resin bracelets with feathers

The first casting is on the right, second one on the left.  I was able to trim off some of the feathers from the first casting, but still have more clean up to do than what I would prefer.  (I hate sanding!)  I also like how the second casting has the feather in the center of the bracelet.

feather resin bracelets DIY

The side view shows things a little better.  You can see how much feather is sticking up/out above the casting.  The second casting (left) is much better.

Both still need the edges sanded as I’m writing this.  Looks like I know what I will be doing this weekend.

Resin Obsession cat collage

By the way, the studio kitties were there to help me collect feathers.  Fred (upper left) and Tom (upper right) don’t miss much.

What’s been your experience using feathers in resin?

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WOW! It was bizarre how this came into my inbox today. I find feathers almost every day when I walk one of 7 dogs. Sometimes I even find a chicken feather since they do like to roam around at times and I have slowly been piling these up on my desk. Just yesterday I was wondering if there was a way for me to use them with resin. And, viola, here is your blog post. Thanks so much for trying this out. I just may have to give this a shot!

Jane Baker

Great job, love it and thanks for sharing. Is there a time limit of how quickly you need to sand resin work after you create it or it can be sanded anytime? Thanks


hello, message from the Netherlands 🙂 i think the problem is that your feather is too big en your bracelet too small…;) Mine bracelets came out great . I tried to paste a foto in this message but it didn’t work. I love to work with feathers because they look beautifull in raisin


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