Glass glitter genie bottle pendant tutorial

Genie bottle resin pendant tutorial

How to make your own genie in a bottle pendant with resin and glitter

This is the perfect little resin pendant project for when you have a little bit of resin you don’t want to waste.  Use one of our glass bottle pendants and some glitter (who doesn’t love sparkle?!) and you will have have a new pendant in no time!

glitter and resin jewelry making supplies

You won’t need much resin to fill this glass bottle.  I used the little bit of mixed resin left in my cup from a different project, which was approximately 2 milliliters total.  I also used the Stampendous crushed glass glitters in oceanic blue, champagne and fresh green.  I chose glass glitter because it is heavy and will sink to the bottom of the resin.  I can get several different layers of glitter without having to pour multiple times.

adding resin into a glass bottle

Since the opening of this bottle is very small, you will need to use a toothpick to place one drop of resin at a time into the bottle.

adding Stampendous glass glitter to resin

To make adding the glass glitters to the bottle easier, I made a funnel from freezer paper.  I then poured glass glitter into the funnel.  The glass may not sink right away, but should do so within 5 minutes.

Stampendous glass glitters and resin

The glass glitters may clump in the neck of the bottle.  Use a toothpick to push the glitter down into the resin if necessary.

For additional layers, add a bit of resin, then add a bit of glass glitter.  The glitter will displace the resin, so only add a little bit, then add glitter.

On a technical note:  There’s nothing saying you have to pour all your resin and glitter layers at once.  This is why this project is good for leftover resin.

gluing cork with E6000

After the resin has cured, apply a dot of E6000 adhesive to the cork.  Place into the glass bottle and allow to cure for 24 hours.

glass glitter in a bottle DIY pendant


Add a jump ring and hang on a necklace to wear!



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I used some glass in bottle caps and then I added a chain to them and they looked really cool I will have to try the genie bottle.


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