Glitter Resin Napkin Rings – Table decorations

How to make your own glitter resin napkin rings


How to Make Glitter Resin Napkin Rings

by Angie Holden

Adding glitter to resin is one of my favorite techniques. I made a few different varieties of these glitter resin napkin rings so you could see that they will work for just about any occasion. The mold? A child’s bracelet mold that is just the right size! Grab some metallic glitter and get started on your own today.

Supplies needed to make these glitter resin napkin rings:

glitter resin napkin rings supplies

Step 1:  Mix and color resin

Start by mixing your resin according to the package directions. The Resin Obsession super clear resin mixes two Parts A to once Part B.  You can then add colorant and glitter to your mix depending on the effect you wish to achieve. I personally love just the glitter in the clear resin but you may wish to add a touch of color to your mix.

glitter resin napkin rings mixing resin with glitter

]I added white to one of my pours to illustrate the importance of adding a lot of glitter to this project! You want so much glitter that it will not settle when you leave it to sit for a few minutes. See the image below to see what a difference the amount of glitter will make to your final project. Add what you think is too much, then add some more. I literally used about half of a large bottle in one napkin ring.

Note: We will talk about how to add just a little glitter intentionally below.

glitter resin napkin rings demolded with white

Step 2:  Add resin to mold

Once you have your resin full of glitter, you can pour it into your mold. I found pouring really slowly worked best in this case. Overfill the mold as much as possible and allow to cure.

glitter resin napkin rings in mold

Step 3:  Demold after curing

Once the resin is dry, grab an edge and lift it out of your mold.  Your resin will shrink and you will have small pockets on one side of your napkin rings.

An easy way to fix these is to do a second pour with just clear resin to fill these in. Overfill on this pour as well. Sand smooth once this pour is cured if you have rough edges.

glitter resin napkin rings demolded

Now let’s look at these glitter resin napkin rings! This first one is with copper glitter. I really love the look of the glitter suspended in the resin. It makes the perfect festive napkin ring.

copper glitter resin napkin rings with festive place setting

I couldn’t leave gold glitter out! I did this gold version that is great for any time of the year but I love it for Christmas!

glitter resin napkin rings with festive place setting - gold

I did, however, promise you a little something different. If you intentionally use less glitter in the resin, you can get an entirely different effect. Here I used clear resin and silver glitter but only about half of what I was using before.

silver glitter resin napkin rings silver on black and white dish close up

As you can see, you can get some gorgeous effects when making glitter resin napkin rings. What color glitter will you use? Pick up your bracelet mold and let your imagination run wild!

silver glitter resin napkin rings silver on black and white dish

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