Glow in the dark resin pendants tutorial

glow in the dark resin pendants tutorial

How to make glow in the dark resin pendants

Can you be enamored with a resin colorant? How can you not love the idea of coloring your resin jewelry AND making it glow in the dark?!  What a way to surprise people with your jewelry!

I thought it would be fun to use our new day glow in the dark powders to color resin.  For the pendants, I used our handmade pewter bezels in assorted shapes.

(Yes, you may have noticed these glow powders are different than ones we have carried previously.  These powders have a unique color under normal daylight, and also glow in the dark!)

measuring Resin Obsession super clear resin

For these pendants, I used Resin Obsession super clear epoxy resin.  I was going to be making several projects, so I measured 1 ounce of Part A and 1/2 ounce of Part B in 1 ounce mixing cups.  I then poured both parts into a larger 10 ounce mixing cup to mix.

adding yellow glow powder to resin

I used a stir stix to add a scoop of day yellow glow in the dark powder to the mixed resin.  It ended up being approximately 1/8 teaspoon of powder added to 3/4 ounce of mixed resin.  Stir thoroughly.

Technical note:  You may get microbubbles forming in a foam on top of the resin.  Push these bubbles to the side of the cup before pouring the resin into your project.

adding glow in the dark resin to a star pendant

You will want to use a toothpick or something similar to drop the resin into the pendant findings one drop at a time.  After the pendants are filled, be sure to check for bubbles.  Cover the pendants and allow to cure for 24 hours.

Technical note:  I noticed that the resin got noticeably thicker once I added the glow powders.  Whether it was because of the powder adding volume or the powder speeding up the curing process, you will want to be quick and careful when adding the resin.  It will be very easy at this point to introduce bubbles.

glow in the dark resin jewelry

I loved the final colors of the glow powders with the resin.  Unique colors in of themselves.

glow in the dark resin pendants tutorial

I let the pendants sit in the bright sunshine for 10 minutes.  This is how they glowed!


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Katherine Swift

The glow powder doesn’t completely dissolve in the resin. Unfortunately, you aren’t going to be able to achieve a transparent look.


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