Hair barrettes DIY – Creative DIY hair accessories with resin

Creative DIY hair accessoriesHow do you know when you have a resin obsession? When you are always on the lookout for anything that can be added to your resin studio. I recently found this little gem at the grocery store.

silicone mat with hexagon patternIt was labeled as a hot pad or trivet, but since it was made of silicone, it was too much of an opportunity for me to pass up to try it with resin.  It is the basis for this Hair barrettes DIY project.

Resin supplies list:

Silicone trivet with a pattern
Bobby pins in your desired size
Resin Obsession super clear resin
One ounce mixing cups
Mixing utensil
Heat gun
Assorted color glitters
Novus polishing kit
E6000 adhesive

Step 1

silicone mat with bobby pin barrette

Before you mix the resin, you need to see how many pieces can fit on the length of your bobby pin. In this case, four hexagons fit well.

Step 2

pouring hardener into resin

I mixed 15 ml (the minimum recommended amount) of Resin Obsession super clear resin. You won’t need this much, so you might want to have another project handy.

Step 3

using a heat gun to warm up a silicone moldSince this is a tiny mold, it has a tendency to trap bubbles at the bottom. To avoid that, I gently warmed the mold with my heat gun. This means that when the warm resin hits the warm mold, it’s more likely bubbles will release and come to the surface.

Step 4

Add your resin to the cavities. You will want to use your toothpick to drip in a drop at a time. Otherwise, you will overpour. In this case, I tried it three ways:

Option 1

adding drops of resin to a silicone mold

I dripped resin into four adjoining chambers, making sure to ‘join’ the resin over the top. The super clear resin isn’t a doming resin, but in this case, since I was casting so little, I was able to get it to dome over the top.

Option 2

filling two lines of cavities in a silicone mold

I did the same thing as option 1, except I did two adjoining rows. i.e. a four by two

Option 3

spreading resin over several cavities in a silicone mold

I poured the resin over several cavities but made a point not to join them. I used my toothpick to go over the top of the resin to scrape the surface to make sure all the resin was below the top of the cavities.

Remove any bubbles with your heat gun before going to the next step.

Step 5

spreading glitter over resin

Gently sprinkle glitter over top of the resin. For some of these I sprinkled one color, for others I used similar colors two create an ombre effect.

Note: Don’t get worried here about whether or glitter sinks or doesn’t. You will see how to work with that in a minute.

Let the resin fully cure.

Step 6

demolding resin hexagons

Once cured, gently peel the resin away from the hexagons. Sand up any sharp edges as necessary with a small file.

Step 7

polished and unpolished resin charmsBecause this mold has a matte surface, that same matte surface shows up on the resin charms. Since I wanted a shinier surface, I polished them with the Novus plastic polish. You can see the difference it made in the polished charms (left) and unpolished charms (right).

You may be wondering why I didn’t use resin gloss sealer spray. Actually, I tried that first, but it left a cloudy finish. When the spray is applied in a thick coat, it will go cloudy. It was impossible to get a light coat on these to make them shiny. You could also dome resin on the top of these if you wanted to create a shiny finish and even more of a three-dimensional effect.

Step 8

adding e6000 glue to a bobby pin barrette

To adhere these resin charms to the bobby pins, you will need to use E6000 adhesive. Apply some to both surfaces and allow to sit for approximately two minutes before joining together.

For some of these, I glued them together where the glitter side was glued onto the bobby pin, while for others I flipped them the other way.

attaching bobby pin to wax paper when drying

Note: Before you set these aside to cure, you need to bobby pin them to wax paper. Otherwise, you will glue your bobby pins shut. The next time I do these, I’m going to beeswax the inside of the pin to make it easier to come off the wax paper.

Allow drying for 24 hours.

Step 9

Because the bobby pins with the hexagon side up were hard to appreciate the pattern, I embellished them a bit to highlight the detail.

Option 1

adding paint to resin hexagons

Use acrylic paint (this is a metallic bronze) to add some contrast.

Option 2

adding glitter glue to resin charms

Use glitter glue to go over the top and add even more sparkle. In both cases, you will want to apply the color, then wipe off the excess.

resin hair barrettes

I’m really happy with how these hair barrettes DIY turned out. They are cute, delicate, and a little fancy.

model wearing resin hair barrettes

You could easily wear different colors like here or a matched set. Either way, they would look great.

lookalike diamond hair barrettes

The front pair looks like diamonds to me. These were ones I cast in resin over an area, not in a strip. When demolding, they came out individually. I think this is a great option of you want a different color for every hexagon on your bobby pin.

I also love the extra glitter in these bobby pins.  It adds more sparkle and dimension to them.

creative hair accessories resin hair pieces

Which of these creative hair barrettes DIY pieces is your favorite?

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10 thoughts on “Hair barrettes DIY – Creative DIY hair accessories with resin

  1. Looks great. I’m gonna make some if I can find a mold like yours. I think though that I’ll use parchment paper in the bobby pin.

  2. Wow..
    Sei bravissima
    Anche io compro ogni cosa che penso possa aver a che fare con resina e con fimo….bellissima idea.adoro i glitter…grazie x tutto ciò che condividi con noi.

  3. So funny that I own one of these and only use it as a trivet because the thin areas get to hot as pot holders.
    I like the single casts best, especially when the colours are mixed.

  4. I love the light blue ones the best but the others are super pretty too ..and that silicone mold I saw it at the dollar store for 3 or 4 $ so I’ll be heading there right now to get it for sure! Thx

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