Halloween jewelry DIY – creepy skeleton hand pendant

Halloween resin pendant

How to make your own Halloween pendant with resin

Gone are the days where my kids would dress up as Disney characters or superheroes for Halloween.  They have upped their game into ‘the scarier the better’.  This year, I have a werewolf, zombie and serial killer ready to descend on houses for a candy raid.

Yeah, my boys aren’t the only ones who can do scary at Halloween.  *Game on*

There are two-parts to making this Halloween resin pendant.

Part 1:  Make the resin heart

For this Halloween jewelry DIY, I mixed 15 ml total of Resin Obsession super clear resin in 1-ounce mixing cups.  Once it was thoroughly blended, I added black glitter.  I went with black since it’s Halloween, but of course, any color glitter works with resin.  *wink*wink*

resin and glitter

After mixing in the glitter, I poured it into a heart mold.  Yes, a little strange to have a black glitter heart for Halloween, but when else are you going to do one?

In case you are wondering, I add glitter until I think there is enough, then I add a little more.

Not shown:  I prepped this mold and the silicone mold I use later with a light coat of Ultralease resin mold release.

pouring resin into a plastic heart mold

The resin cured overnight, then I popped it out by gently twisting the mold.  The edge was a bit sharp, which isn’t unusual when casting resin charms.  Since I don’t like to use my metalsmithing files on resin, I used coarse nail emory boards instead.


sanding a resin charm with an emory board

After all this, I decided a black heart was a little too….meh.  I wanted something to SCREAM Halloween.  (Yeah, I get the pun here.)

Part 2:  Make the skeleton hand

For the next step, I used skeleton hand silicone mold and Alumilite Amazing casting resin.  If you have never used the Amazing casting resin before, here’s what you need to know right away.  This is a quick curing polyurethane resin.  You should only measure and mix together the amount of resin you can start casting in 90 seconds.  Not kidding.

This resin starts clear, but will turn opaque white as it cures.

casting resin into a skeleton hand mold

Here’s another reason why you want to use the Amazing casting resin  — you can demold it in 10 minutes and it’s fully cured in 15 minutes.  Yeah, pretty cool!

For this resin skeleton hand, I demolded it about 7 to 8 minutes after pouring, which was when the tips of the fingers started to turn white.  The resin is mostly soft at this point, so be careful.  You can squish the casting if you aren’t careful.

demolding a skeleton hand charm

I formed the soft skeleton hand over the (fully cured) resin heart.  I wanted the hand to cure in a shape so that it looked like it was grabbing the heart, not just resting on it.  This required me to hold the hand over the resin heart for approximately another ten minutes.

forming a partially cured resin skeleton hand over a resin charm

You can see after a full cure, the skeleton hand retained the curve.


skeleton hand charm made with quick curing resin

Having a skeleton hand to go over the heart still wasn’t scary enough for me.  I mixed up another small batch of Amazing casting resin and colored the resin portion with Resin Obsession opaque red pigment before mixing in the hardener.  I dripped it onto a few strategic places with the end of a toothpick.  Because this is a quick curing resin, the drips cured as drips before they had a chance to level out.


adding red resin drips to a skeleton hand

Part 3:  Glue the two pieces together

Once the red resin blood drips cured, I glued the skeleton hand onto the black heart with E6000.  I used E6000 as well to glue a large silver leaf bail to the back.


gluing a skeleton hand onto a resin heart

I wanted a touch of ‘girly’ in the pendant, so I finished the hand off with a crystal from my vintage stone collection and hung it on a ribbon necklace.


skeleton hand pendant DIY

A little glamour.  A little glitter.  A little scary.  At least my jewelry will have it going on Halloween night.

What do you think of this Halloween jewelry DIY?

Halloween jewelry DIY


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2 thoughts on “Halloween jewelry DIY – creepy skeleton hand pendant

  1. This is a really cool looking pendant. The black glitter, gemstone and orange organza ribbon really make it pop. I like the info about the fast curing resin and how to curl the hand. You’ll be rockin’ on Halloween! Thank you so much.

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