How To Slap Down A Halloween Necklace

Halloween resin pendant

Turn any outfit into a Halloween costume by making a Halloween necklace. And it turns out that costume is handmade if you DIY the Halloween necklace.

Resin supply list:

Resin Obsession super clear resin
Mixing cups
Stirring sticks
Heart pendant mold
Amazing casting resin
Skeleton hand mold
Alumilite red dye
Glue-on bail

There are two parts to making this Halloween necklace.

Part 1:  Make the resin heart

Mix 1/2 ounce (total) of your jewelry resin. The super clear resin works perfectly here because it cures hard and durable. You don’t have to worry about your Halloween necklace softening as you wear it.

resin and glitter

Once you mix your resin, add glitter.

Then, pour it into your pendant mold.

Check it for resin bubbles, then leave it overnight to cure.

pouring resin into a plastic heart mold

The next day you can demold it. Use an Emory board to sand off any sharp edges.


sanding a resin charm with an emory board

Now because we want this necklace to SCREAM Halloween.

Yeah, I get the pun here…

Part 2:  Make the skeleton hand

Measure and mix 1/3 ounce (total) of the amazing casting resin. Once it’s mixed, add it to the skeleton hand mold.

If you have never used the Amazing casting resin before, here are a few things you MUST know.

This is a quick-curing polyurethane resin. You should only measure and mix together the amount of resin you can start casting in 90 seconds. Not kidding.

This resin starts clear but will turn opaque white as it cures.

casting resin into a skeleton hand mold

Here’s another reason why you want to use the Amazing casting resin for this project. You can demold it in 10 minutes, and it’s fully cured in 15 minutes. Yeah, pretty cool.

For the skeleton hand, demold it about 7 to 8 minutes after pouring. That’s about when the tips of the fingers start turning white. The resin is mostly soft at this point, so be careful. You can squish your skeleton hand if you aren’t careful.

demolding a skeleton hand charm

Form the soft skeleton hand over the (fully cured) resin heart. You want the hand to cure in a shape that looks like it’s grabbing the heart, not just resting on it. You’ll need to hold the hand over the resin heart for about ten minutes.


forming a partially cured resin skeleton hand over a resin charm

After a complete cure, you can see that the skeleton hand retained the curve.


skeleton hand charm made with quick curing resin

Once it’s cured, mix up another small batch of Amazing casting resin. Color it with a tiny dot of the red dye before mixing in the hardener. Then, drip it onto a few places with the end of a toothpick. Because this is a quick curing resin, the drips will cure as drips.

And even if they drip a little bit, that makes it look even more like blood.

adding red resin drips to a skeleton hand

Part 3:  Glue the two pieces together

Once the blood drips cure, glue the skeleton hand to the heart with E6000. Then, use it to glue a bail to the back.

gluing a skeleton hand onto a resin heart

💡 Pro tip: If you want a fancy touch to your Halloween necklace, glue on a vintage crystal. Eat your heart out, Morticia Addams.


skeleton hand pendant Halloween jewelry

A little glamour. A little glitter. A little scary. And all made with resin. BOOM!

Halloween necklace


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2 thoughts on “How To Slap Down A Halloween Necklace

  1. This is a really cool looking pendant. The black glitter, gemstone and orange organza ribbon really make it pop. I like the info about the fast curing resin and how to curl the hand. You’ll be rockin’ on Halloween! Thank you so much.

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