Halloween wreath DIY – How to make a Halloween wreath

Halloween wreath projectHow to make a Halloween wreath with Glow in the Dark Eyes

by Angie Holden

Make a glow in the dark eye wreath with a spooky feel with this Halloween wreath DIY! This adorable wreath will look great on your door and light up the night. The trick or treaters will love this one come Halloween. If you love adding a little fright to your décor this time of year, this is the perfect project for you.

Halloween wreath with glow in the dark eyes

Supplies needed to make a glow in the dark eye wreath:

Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin
• Castin Craft Knob Mold or a dome cabochon mold
Stir Sticks
Measuring Cups
Mixing Cups
Glow in the Dark Powder (both yellow and green used)
• Permanent black marker
• Wreath form
• Feather boas
• Hot glue and glue gun

resin supplies

Step 1: Make the eyes

Mix the Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin according to the package directions. You can approximate that each cavity holds ¾ of an ounce when mixing. Mix the resin according to the package directions, then add the glow in the dark powder to the mix. Use 1 part glow powder to 4 parts resin. Mix well after the addition and before pouring into your mold.

glow powder for resin

Step 2: Pour into the resin mold

I did some eyes that were green or yellow only. However, I did some eyes that were a mixture of the yellow and green powders for another shade of green. You can choose the colors that you love as the glow powder comes in eight different colors.

glow in the dark resin castings

Once poured, remove any visible bubbles and allow to cure according to the package directions. Once cured, remove from the mold. Please note that I did not use a mold release agent and I had no trouble getting the eyes out of the cavities. You can use a mold release agent if you would like, just be sure to let it dry completely before pouring. After the eyes are removed, draw on an eye center with a black permanent marker.

glow in the dark eyes made with resin

Step 3: Make the wreath

While your eyes are curing, you can wrap your wreath form with the feather boas. It took me two boas to get complete coverage on this wreath. You can literally use any type of wreath you have on hand as it will be completely covered. Secure the ends of the feather boas with hot glue.

Step 4: Add the eyes to the wreath

Demold the domes once the resin is dry. Once the eyes are complete, you can use hot glue to secure the pairs randomly around your wreath.

wreath with glow in the dark eyes made with resin

Your eyes will need to be charged by a light source in order to glow. Then you can turn the lights off or wait for night to fall to get the show!

resin eyes glowing at night

Hang this glow in the dark eyes wreath on your front door to really wow any visitors.

Everyone will love this spooky wreath…especially when it lights up after the sun goes down!

What do you think of this Halloween wreath DIY?  Would you use different resin glow colors for the eyes?  Different colored feathers?  or something else?

DIY Halloween wreath project

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