Holiday Resin Pendants and Magnets

how to make your own Christmas holiday pendants and magnets with resin

by Penny Reid

‘Tis the season to get busy with resin! As DIY’ers we know that it’s almost always cheaper to make things than buy them.  The only catch is finding the time. I recommend you find the time! Making your own holiday pendants and magnets are a great way to give a handmade gift this season!

For this project I calculated that each bezel and each set of magnets (6 per set) cost less than $10 to make – that includes everything – the supplies, the findings, amount of resin used, etc.

This project requires:

  • – A Christmas image – make your own or buy one
  • – Backing – bezels, magnets, wood, polymer clay, etc.  Scrabble tiles work great for this!
  • – Glue – such as matte Mod Podge
  • – Resin – a doming resin


Get a Christmas image – you can make your own or buy one on Etsy, there are a ton of images you can buy, simply search “images for resin” or more specifically “Christmas images for resin”. For this project I used the work of Sparrow Graphic, she’s one of my favourites on Etsy.


Prepare your paper – Mod Podge several times on each side, and if you punch out the paper be sure to Mod Podge the sides too, see examples here and here for tutorials.


Glue the image to a backing – for this project I used 1-inch wooden discs. To finish the necklaces, I glued on bails and for the magnets I glued on ¾-inch magnets. The backing you choose is where the real savings are.  I found these backings at the dollar store and the square bezels here.  The only thing cheaper would be making your own backings like with polymer clay.


Pour the resin – use a doming resin such as Castin’ Craft Easy Cast Epoxy Resin. Add slowly and carefully and blow out any bubbles that appear. Note this resin has a great viscosity so it doesn’t tend to spill over the edges like other resins that you may use for molds.


Done! Find an inexpensive way to present your work and put all the money you saved into your next project!

Which of my holiday resin pendants and magnets do you like best?

holiday resin magnetsholiday resin necklaces

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Carol A. Ferguson

Love your site — and all your tips, ideas, and projects! Thanks for being so generous!

Lisa Ainscough

Very lovely.
Your choice of images are so elegant.
You’ve inspired me.


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