How to add findings to resin jewelry

You make a great resin casting and now you want to be able to wear it.  Did you know you have several options?  This video shows several examples of how to add findings to resin jewelry.


Learn more about finding options for resin jewelry.


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6 thoughts on “How to add findings to resin jewelry

  1. I had a teacher show me how to work out the blemishes in my resin with sand paper then a high gloss shine she put on with the dremel and cant find what gloss she used. How do you take out the blemishes?

  2. Jewel,

    You can only use a dremel and polishing compound on hard curing resin like polyester or polyurethane. I like to use Fabulustre compound when doing this.

  3. Hello, I have a large cross that i want to make a mold out of and it has a sold ring attached at the top. If I create a mold with the ring intact, will that look right? I am going to make a rosary with the resin cross. Or would I be better off to cut off the ring and attached a glue-on bail as mentioned in your tutorial? You did not say what type of glue you use to attach the bail to the cured resin. Thanks so much, Jane

  4. How to Add Findings to Resin Jewellery

    In the first example, you advise gluing an aanraku bail to the resin cabochon but do not say the best type of glue. I have a pair of handmade (not by me) hair slides where the metal fastener has come away from the front which is made of resin. I have tried a repair using epoxy resin but that doesn’t work so I would be interested in which glue you recommend.
    Thank you for your help.

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