How to make a resin button ring

How to make a resin button ring

resin buttons

So I have to admit, this tutorial isn’t as complicated as the title might imply.  In fact, I don’t even show the ‘heavy lifting’ part of casting with resin.

Let’s fast forward to the easy part!  (If you are new here and wan’t to see the details of resin casting, I would recommend this link How to make resin jewelry.)

I used our four button silicone mold and colored Resin Obsession super clear resin with Resin Obsession bright green pigment and Resin Obsession opaque teal pigment.  As you can see, the buttons cast with a lot of interesting detail.


I never pass up the opportunity to go by the sale bin of any crafting store.  You never know what you are going to find.  Case in point, I found this ring with a screw off post/top on a recent trip.  Ah yes, you are probably already thinking about how this can work…

resin button rings

The stem of the ring fit the buttons perfectly.  The top screwed back on to keep the button in place.

DIY resin button ring

The part I like best about these rings is that they are a little off center on the silver ring base.  As a result, they are constantly moving and spinning.  It gives a little more visual interest!


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Rhonda J. Hunter

I’ve seen these rings for sale and wondered how they would look. Maybe I’ll try one.


I have trying to figure out how to make myself a spinner ring and you have just given me the instructions! Thank you for this post!


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