How To Make A Resin Necklace In Under An Hour

resin necklace DIY

So you want to learn how to make a resin necklace.  Awesome!  I’m going to show you how to make several resin charms from one mold.  Then you’ll string them together to make a resin necklace.

The cool part about this project is that I’m using a quick-curing polyurethane resin. It cures in about 15 minutes, which means you can have this project done in an hour.

But, that’s also the reason this is an advanced jewelry project.  Quick-curing resin is tricky for resin beginners to use.  If you’re new to resin, here’s an easy pendant tutorial to get you started. Then come back to this project when you’re ready for a resin challenge.

Resin supply list:

Quick-curing polyurethane resin
Alcohol Inks in red and blue shades
Silicone Butterfly Ice cube tray
Silver beading wire or tiger tail
Silver beading supplies: eight silver crazy wire beads, two silver wire guardians, two silver split rings, two silver crimp tubes, two silver crimp covers, silver clasp
1oz graduated measuring cups
Emery board
Drill with a 1mm drill bit
Permanent marker
Jewelry pliers: chain nose pliers, split ring pliers, crimping pliers, flush cutters

Designer’s Notes: quick-curing resin has a short pot time, so it’s best to mix several small batches of resin so that it doesn’t begin to gel while you’re still pouring it into the mold cavities. Be sure to follow the mixing instructions in the resin kit.

Step 1:  Measure and color Part A.

polyurethane part A

Measure out 1 tablespoon Part A.

coloring Part a resin

Color the Part A resin with 2 drops of pink alcohol ink.

mixing polyurethane

Mix the color into the resin thoroughly.

Step 2:  Add Part B

adding hardener to colored resin

Measure out one tablespoon Part B. Mix the two parts together thoroughly, scraping the walls and bottom of the cup to free any unmixed resin. Repeat mixing in a second cup.

Step 3:  Add to the mold

pinching a plastic cup

Pinch the tip of the cup to create a pouring spout to help you pour into the cavities.

pouring pink resin into a silicone mold

Pour a little resin into several cavities. You only want to cover the bottom of them partially.

silicone mold cavities filled with resin

Your mold should look something like this. Leave the resin to set for 15 minutes.

Step 4:  Mix a new color

adding blue ink to resin

Measure out 1/4 ounce of Part A resin in a clean cup. Color it with three drops of blue alcohol ink.

mixing blue color into polyurethane

Combine the color thoroughly into the resin. Next, measure out 1/4 ounce of Part B hardener and mix the two parts together well.

Step 5:  Add to the mold

adding blue resin to a silicone mold

Pour the blue resin into the empty cavities and pour the rest into the holes with pink resin. Leave the resin to set up for about 15 minutes.

Step 6:  Mix more resin to fill the mold

adding resin to a silicone mold

Mix more batches of pink and blue resin to fill the cavities. Leave the resin to cure.

Step 7:  Demold

demolding resin charms from a silicone mold

Once the resin has cured, twist the mold to help release the resin from the silicone. Then, press each of the cavities from the bottom of the mold to push the resin necklace pieces out of the mold.

Step 8:  Finish edges

filing epoxy charms with an emery board

Use an emery board to file the sharp edges.

Step 9:  Drill and assemble into a necklace

marking epoxy charms for drilling

Select the resin pieces you’d like to use in your necklace. Then, measure 5/16” from the top of each piece and place a mark halfway between the front and back with the permanent marker.

drilling holes in epoxy charms

Drill a hole from side to side on each piece.
stringing resin charms

String the wire beads and resin pieces onto the beading wire, alternating them. Begin and end with a wire bead.

crimping wire

Decide how long you’d like the resin necklace to be and cut the beading wire, adding a couple of extra inches.

String a crimp onto one end, followed by a wire guardian. Then, string a split ring onto the wire guardian, insert the wire back through the crimp, and crimp it into place securely.

Place a crimp cover over the crimp tube and close it. Repeat on the other end of the resin necklace.

adding a clasp

Open the split ring and insert it into one half of the clasp. Repeat on the other end of the necklace.

resin necklace

Your resin necklace is now complete! Using the different parts of the butterfly wing mold, you can create complementary charms that do not precisely match.

Ready to dive into making resin jewelry but want expert help?

Then you will want to get a copy of Resin Jewelry Making.  It’s the same information I teach in my in-person classes, but you can learn it all without leaving home.


Originally written by Mylene Hillam

Unpublished Blog Posts of Resin Obsession, LLC © 2022 Resin Obsession, LLC

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