How to make a resin pendant using a bezel pendant tray

Make your own resin pendant using a silver pendant jewelry bezel tray


clip art and resin jewelry

Trim your clip art to fit your pendant.  I decided to go with the exact shape of the bezel for this project, but certainly you could do some neat shapes.  Let your imagination go wild!

Seal your clip art with glue and allow to dry.



sealing papers for resin

Seal your paper again into your bezel cup.  Put down a layer of glue, then apply your paper.  Seal on top.  I will usually seal with two coats of Ultra seal, then wait 24 hours to allow it to completely dry.

resin and jewelry

Properly mix your resin.  (We have a video on How to Mix Epoxy Resin on our You Tube channel.)

pouring resin into a silver bezel tray

Slowly pour your resin into your bezel cup.  Squeezing the cup together to form a spout will help you control your pour.  Only pour a small amount, then let the resin spread.  Add more as necessary.  You only want enough resin to barely cover the bottom of the pendant.  This will allow you to pour a second layer with your inclusion.

(Note:  You could add the inclusion in the first layer and be done in one pour, but I like doing it in two pours because it gives the pendant a bit more depth — like the inclusion is floating)



spreading resin in a bezel cup

Use a toothpick to spread the resin out to the corners of your pendant.  Allow to cure for several hours or overnight before pouring your next layer of resin.  (Don’t forget to check for bubbles!)

placing butterfly in resin

Pour your second layer of resin like you did the first, but be careful again not to over pour.  Carefully place your inclusion in the resin.  If your inclusion is porous, it must be sealed with ultra seal first.  Read here on How to properly seal papers or findings for including in resin jewelry.

placing inclusion in resin

Use a toothpick to move your inclusion within your resin.  Allow the piece to cure as before.

Resin jewelry pendant

Enjoy your new pendant!


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If I wanted to pour resin into round earring bezels like in the link below. How would I do that and still give them a dome look?


Hi can I use the ultra seal to glue paper to pendant , let dry and then put ultra seal around perimeter and insert dome glass? Please advise. This is a mans man trying to do dainty work in order to please granddaughter. Thank you. Signed: sloppy poppy


I have a very small work area and fill about a dozen prices at a time, usually one or two end up spilling out of the tray For various reasons. The pendants don’t stick to my work surface but many pendant trays have a textured back and the resin gets in those ridges and is really hard to get off. Do you think coating the backs with Vaseline would keep resin from curing in those nooks and crannies? Is there another product I could use that I could block only the backs and is easily removed or can be washed off once the resin is dry?


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