How to make a resin spoon pendant

resin spoon tutorial

How to turn an old spoon into a resin pendant

Did you know you can turn your next yard sale find into a resin pendant treasure?  Read how you can turn old teaspoons into resin pendants.

resin jewelry making supplies


how to bend a spoon

Bend your spoon around something hard and round to use as your mandrel.  (I used a screwdriver.)  Start the bend approximately 3/4 of an inch away from the top of the spoon.

metal cutting shears

Use a pair of heavy duty metal shears to cut the end off your spoon.  Hint:  Cutting with metal shears can be difficult!  You can also use a jeweler’s saw.  A hacksaw can work as well.

file metal

File the end of the cut edge of the spoon handle to make sure there are no sharp edges.

pliers spoon

Use a pair of pliers to turn the end of your spoon under.

resin drying mat

Position your spoon on the drying mat so it is level.  Hint:  You will need to make sure it is even from front to back and side to side.

Mix your resin according to label directions.  For this project, I mixed 1 teaspoon total.

pouring resin

Pour resin into your spoon.  Fill it about 3/4 of the way full.  Do not overfill!  Adding the beads and your hair charm will displace some of the resin.

resin spoon

Use your stir utensil to draw the resin to the edge of your spoon..

adding glass beads to resin

Shake glass beads into your resin.  Do enough to cover the entire spoon.

resin charm

Gently place your resin charm into the center of your spoon.

Your glass beads will sink to the bottom of the resin.  Add more as glass beads or resin as necessary.  Hint:  You will need to do this two or three times.  Add beads, wait a few minutes and recheck your resin.

beads resin

Push any beads down from the side of the hair piece.  You want to be sure they stick to the resin.


Cover your project with a dome and allow to cure.


Enjoy your new resin spoon pendant!



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I like it too but next time I want ResinObsession make a safer DIY tutorial for all ages too!😊

Katherine Swift

Hi Abie, thanks for sharing your insight. I wish we could have ‘safer’ tutorials for young crafters, but I’m afraid resin really isn’t appropriate for young children.


Wow smart I am not that old enough to do this so can you make more tutorials with stuff that is safe for all ages?


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