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Part of my resin crafts endeavors this week have been making resin buttons.  It’s not too often that I cast resin in molds without having a grand plan for the outcome.  Exciting things can happen when you get the cart before the horse.

This week of making resin crafts consisted using several different silicone button molds, Resin Obsession super clear resin, and Resin Obsession opaque, bright, and transparent color pigments to color the resin.  I won’t go into the details, but if you are new to resin, you might want to read my tutorial on how to make resin jewelry.

loop in end of cord

To make these buttons into a resin bracelet, I cut a piece of waxed linen cord 20 inches long.  (I want to make a 7 inch bracelet.)  I folded the cord in half and tied a slipknot in the end.

thread buttons onto cord

Next, I threaded the buttons onto the cord.  Luckily, the holes were large enough in the buttons that I could put both cords in at the same time.  If you are working with buttons that don’t have that large an opening, you can put one cord through the holes and let the other piece of cord go behind the button.

You will want to string the buttons close together.  You will see why in a minute.

The cord fit the holes snugly.  I didn’t worry about the buttons moving.  If you are working with something that is slippery, you may want to tie knots in between each button to keep them from moving too much.

tie knot at end

Once you have all your buttons on the cord, tie both ends together in a square knot.  Trim the excess ends.

button bracelet DIY

Your resin crafts have now turned into a resin bracelet!

DIY button bracelet

Wear your bracelet by looping the cord on the one end over the last bracelet of the other end.  While the buttons were close together while flat on a table, when they are draped on a wrist, they spread out a little (hence the need to get them close when stringing).

What do you think?  Does this want to make you try button making for a new resin crafts project?


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  1. This would be great for a little girls party . One could make the buttons ahead of time in various colors and have the children make their own bracelets… A fun activity .

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