How to make resin charms – resin charms DIY tutorial


How to make resin charmsHow to use transparencies and recycled gift cards to make resin charms

Originally published 2013.  Updated May 2019.

resin jewelry and craft supplies

Supplies needed for this tutorial:


Spraying plastic resin mold with mold release

Spray a light mist of mold release over the mold.  Allow to dry.


Cutting a transparency sheet

Trim the desired images away from the transparency.


Measuring epoxy resin

Measure 10 cc of Part A and 5 cc of Part B into separate 1 ounce gradutated mixing cups.  Mix together thoroughly using your stir stix.


Pouring clear resin into a plastic mold

Pour resin into each well, filling them halfway.  Remove bubbles.


Placing a transparency in clear resin

Place a transparency image into each well filled with resin.  Using your stir stix, adjust the placement if necessary.  You can also push down on the transparency with the stir stix to release any trapped bubbles.


Pouring clear resin into a plastic resin mold

Mix and pour another layer of resin.  (Once again, 15 cc of total mixed resin is what you will need.)  Fill the cabochon wells all the way full.  Remove bubbles as necessary.


Coating a gift card cutout with resin

Place your punched gift card plastic circle in the resin.  By coating it in the resin before placing in the mold, you will minimize the amount of bubbles that could be trapped underneath the circle.


Placing the gift card in resin

Use your stir stix to carefully place the punched gift card into the mold.  Note:  The punched circle is exactly 1 inch, which is the size of the open end of the well of the mold.  Since the mold tapers, your circle will rest at the very top of the mold opening.

Remove any additional bubbles as necessary.  Cover and allow to cure.


Demolding resin charms

Demold the resin by gently twisting the mold while pushing the cabochons out from the back.


Sanding resin charms

Sand the edges of your charm with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper.  Work your way down to 1000 grit sandpaper to make sure the edges are smooth.  Hint:  You will want to sand with the direction of the circle, not back and forth against it.  Going with the circle will make sure your circle stays a circle, not a hexagon.


Resin charms made with recycled gift cards

Your resin charms are now finished!  Notice how the transparencies close to the top surface and the gift cards on the bottom surface accentuate the depth of the charms?

So you may be wondering what to do with them.  Here are a few ideas:

Applying E6000 glue to the back of resin charms

Apply a small dot of E6000 to the charm and findings, such as magnets or a bail.  Allow to sit for two minutes before pressing both sides together.  Let completely cure for 24 hours.

resin charm pendant necklace

String the pendant on a cord or chain to make some instant glam!

resin magnets

Use the charms with magnets to decorate your refrigerator, filing cabinet or school locker.

resin knob drawer pull

You can also use your resin charms as decorative knob pulls!  (Find the hardware attachments at your local hardware store.)

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Thanks for the printables link! What type (brand) of transparency paper do you use?


I have the molds, I have the resin. I want to make my item opalescent/iridescent with a transparent background color. What can I add to the resin?
I bought some colored glitters and metallic glitters, but it’s not the effect i want.
(Something like fire opal would be nice!)

Katherine Swift

I print the art on my B & W laser jet printer. I then go the local copy/print shop and ask them to copy for me onto transparencies. I don’t know any specific details about the transparency itself.

Katherine Swift


Great question! I’m actually working on that one for a future tutorial!


What kind of transparency paper do you use, please?Thanks sincerely.


Katherine Swift

@Karyl, I get mine done at the copy store. It’s whatever they use.

Colleen Lynch

What kind of punch did you use to cut through the plastic gift cards? Otherwise very clear tut! Thanks!


Do you let it completely cure before the second layer? If not, how long (advantage time, at least 70° room) would you let the RO Super Clear set up before the second pour. Tried and didn’t realize you used a set – up before and it wasn’t very successful. I learned things though. Lol. Thanks Katherine

Katherine Swift

Once the first layer starts to gel, you can pour the next layer. That should happen within 45 to 60 minutes.

Darla Powell

I saw at a craft fair resin covered photos and printables. they weren’t made with a mold- more like a layer of resin was poured over the items. Do you have any idea how I could do this, without using a mold?


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