Do You Know How To Make Resin Dominoes? Let Us Teach You!

Make resin dominoesBuying game pieces for family game night is so 2019. If you’ve learned anything about staying at home during a pandemic, you can have your game and make the pieces for it. That’s why I’m showing you how to make resin dominoes.

Supply list:

Domino mold
Resin Obsession super clear resin
Mixing cups
Stirring sticks
Resin Obsession pearl powder
Resin Obsession opaque pigment
Acrylic paint
Paper towels

Heat gun

Step 1: Plan

watch gear charms

Now is the time to plan a theme for your dominoes. In this case, I’m going with a steampunk vibe. These watch gear charms are going to give it a fun feeling.

Because you’re doing these dominoes in two layers, you want to be sure the layers look cohesive. Now’s the time to make sure your second resin layer is going to look amazing behind your first resin layer.

Step 2: Mix resin

mixing clear epoxy resin

The super clear resin is a terrific resin for crafts because it cures hard and crystal-clear. Plus, it mixes easily, so you’re not stressing over resin bubbles.

Mix 1 ounce of resin for every seven dominoes you’re making. That’s enough epoxy to fill the mold cavities halfway.

⭐️ BONUS: You can use this free resin calculator to know how much resin to mix for any mold you’re using.

glitter in epoxy

To your clear resin, add a smidge of glitter. (Or a driblet for my UK friends.) Don’t add so much that you won’t see any color behind it when you pour the second layer.

mixed glitter in epoxy

Resist the urge to add in a ton of glitter. You only need a little bit of sparkle. Besides, you don’t want the resin dominoes to outshine your sparkle.

⭐️ BONUS: If this part of how to make resin dominoes isn’t something you’ve done before, take a moment to read how to mix resin.

Step 3:  Fill mold

pouring epoxy into a domino mold

Fill the mold cavities half full with your mixed resin.

Step 4: Add charms

adding charms to epoxy

Place your charms or baubles in the resin. Don’t get lost in trying to make them look the same. That’s why you’re making resin dominoes instead of buying them.

💡 Pro tip: Push your pieces around in the resin after you’ve got them in there. You’ll release bubbles that you can zap with a heat gun.

resin and glitter in mold

Let the resin cure.

Step 5: Add more resin

Mix another ounce of clear epoxy resin. Then, color it to enhance your first layer.

silver resin

The colors of the watch gears match charmingly with metallics. To get a beautiful silver color to your resin, add pearl powder until the resin is shimmery. Then, add the tiniest dot of opaque black pigment. That will give you the most beautiful shade of silver.

adding silver epoxy to a mold

Cover your first resin layers with the silver resin. Remove bubbles and let the resin cure.

Step 6: Demold

demolding domino

Peel the mold away from your cured resin dominoes. It also doubles as your daily dose of visual ASMR.

But you’re not done with how to make your resin dominoes yet.

Step 7: Finish edges

There’s a chance that some of your dominoes have an edge on the resin. Not a big deal, and it’s pretty normal. Use wet/dry sandpaper or a coarse nail file to knock off the sharp resin edges.

Step 8: Paint

resin dominoes

Pick a color paint to highlight the dots in your resin dominoes.

Fun fact: those dots are called pips.

adding paint to resin surface

Dot the color in the pips with your paintbrush.

wiping away excess paint

Then wipe the excess with a paper towel.

The good news is that if you don’t like your paint color, wash your dominoes with soap and water. Then choose a different color to paint on your resin.

💡 Pro tip: If you’re making tons of resin dominoes, get a plastic squeeze bottle with a needle attachment. Put your paint in the bottle and squeeze it into the dots. It makes pretty quick work of painting your dominoes.

Let your paint dry.

Well, looky there. You just learned how to make resin dominoes.


resin domino group

Now, what else can you do with your resin dominoes?

✅ Drill the top. Add keychain hardware and use it as a key ring.
✅ Glue a magnet to the back. Use on a refrigerator or a locker.
✅ Add drawer pull hardware to the back. Use as fancy drawer pulls for a dresser or desk.

resin dominoes details

Want to learn more resin basics?

Then you’ll want to get your copy of my book, Resin Fundamentals. I’ve condensed my 15 years of resin art experience into a fast track for resin beginners. You’ll go from confused to confident with epoxy resin in less than a couple of hours.

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3 thoughts on “Do You Know How To Make Resin Dominoes? Let Us Teach You!

  1. Can I fill the pips with colored resin instead of paint to make it more permanent? Or is there a reason I never see that suggested?

    1. Hi Amber, filling with resin instead of paint would be incredibly tedious. You would only be able to do one side at a time.

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