How To Make Resin Orb Jewelry

How to make resin orb jewelry

by Lynette Olnhausen


Rainbow colored resin orbs

Making resin orb jewelry is one of my favorite projects.  Even when using the same colors every time, I never know how it’s going to look!

Resin Supplies

For this project, you will need

Measuring cups
Protective gloves
Orb mold
Powder colorants — I used Jacquard Pearl Ex powders Flamingo Pink, Pumpkin Orange, Bright Yellow, Emerald, Sapphire Blue, and Reflex Violet

Jars of colorful resin pigment.


There are two ways to do this project: the slow way and the fast way. You will come out with two different-looking orbs with each process. If you would like neat, smooth lines for your orb, go with the slow way. If you would like a surprise when you remove the orb from its cast, go the quick way!

Step 1

Take a look at the mold you’ll be using and figure out, roughly, how much volume it can hold. The mold I am using is 1 inch in diameter. You can either figure out the exact volume or try to “eyeball” the amount of each color you will need for this.  This article explains how to figure out the volume of your mold so you know exactly how much resin to use.   In my case, that number is 8.58025 ml.  Alternatively, you can fill your mold with water, then measure that amount of water.  It isn’t as accurate as using the formulas in the article above, but it’s an option for those of you that don’t like math.  😉

Step Two

Next, decide what colors you would like to use for this. I’m going to make a rainbow orb, so there will be six colors with which I will be working. Dividing 8.58025 ml by 6, I get approximately 1.43 ml. This is how much of each color I will need. Since some of the resin stays in the pipette, despite my best efforts, I rounded up to 1.5 ml and worked hard to get as much as I could out of the pipette.

Step Three

Mix your first batch of resin. Remember to be careful and wear protection when using resin. When doing this, it can be tempting to mix the resin, hardener, and colorant all together at the same time; do not do this. Mix the resin and hardener together first, then, once you’re sure they’ve been adequately mixed together, mix in the colorant. If you mix the colorant in at the same time you’re mixing the resin and hardener together, you won’t be able to see if you’ve adequately mixed the hardener and resin together.

Resin with resin hardener and resin pigment added.


Step Four

Once you’re done with mixing the hardener and resin together, put the colorant in a little at a time and mix thoroughly; it’s easy to add more if you’re not satisfied with the color, but you can’t take the color back out if you mix too much in the first place.

mixing resin and resin pigment

mixing resin pigment and resin

mixing resin pigment with resin

Use a pipette to draw up the resin mixture and put it in the mold. Do this slowly and patiently; if you try to go too fast and put a lot of pressure on the pipette, this can lead to splatter inside the mold, affecting the look of your orb.

Using a pipette to insert resin into mold


Step Five – The Slow Way:

Once you’re done with everything above, set your mold aside to cure. Make sure to set the mold on a level, protected surface. After it has cured, you can add your next color, and so on, repeating the directions above. When putting in any additional resin into the mold, do not reopen the mold completely or separate the previous resin from the mold. If you do this, the new resin can leak down into the previous layer, ruining the neat lines you were working on.

Rainbow colored resin orb


Step Five – The Fast Way:

Follow the instructions above and prepare all of the colors of resin you’re going to be using at once.

cups of resin mixed with colorful resin pigments

Using the pipette, add the colors in the order you prefer.

using pipette to add colored resin to mold

Generally, you’re going to see a lot of the first and last added colors, with smooth transitions between colors, rather than lines.

multi-colored resin orb

multi-colored resin orb

multi-colored resin orb

multi-colored resin orb

multi-colored resin orb


Pro tip:

If you’re using a well-worn mold, you may want to use rubber bands in order to hold the mold closed. Do not use to the point you can see the mold bowing inward; just enough to hold the gap closed.

For both methods, when you’re done adding all of the colors you want to the mold, again, let it fully cure (follow manufacturer advice), and then remove your orb from the mold.

resin orb mold

You may need to do a bit of sanding in order to smooth the top.  Add a metal finding to create a unique pendant.

resin orb jewelry

Which resin orb jewelry pendant is your favorite?

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  1. Second that they’re very pretty! I’ve never had much luck getting resin into pipettors but that’s probably just down to the brand of resin that I’m using. Adding some kinds of colorant can make it a lot more viscous too – they seem to speed up the curing process, particularly acrylic paint.

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