Ice resin ideas

ice resin ideas

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A couple of weeks ago, I spent some time at the Creativation show organized by the Craft and Hobby Association.  While I was there, I had the pleasure of taking a resin class with Susan Lenart Kazmer.  I have not spent a lot of time using ICE resin, so I thought what an awesome opportunity to get to know it from the creator herself!  In taking her class, I was able to bring home a few extra goodies to play around with in my studio.  This week, I decided to take five of our heart bezels and turn them into my new favorite pendants with ICE resin.

ice resin iced enamels pendant

For the first pendant, I started with a couple of the ICE resin ephemera paper images and glued them into the bezel with the ICE resin paper sealant.  I applied a layer of glue to the bottom of the pendant, then applied a layer of sealant to each paper before placing them in the bezel.  I shook some turquoise iced enamel into the pendant with the idea that it would help to accent the border between the two papers.

pendant with baby image

For pendant number two, I cut out a baby image and glued it in.

I got out my hole punch for pendant three.  I used it to randomly punch circles in the ephemera papers.  I applied glue to both sides of the dots before placing them in the pendants.  I spread a layer of glue on the entire dot surface as well.

glue and glitter pendant

I couldn’t do pendant four without the help of a little glitter.  I used one of the ephemera images as my base, but as you can see, there is a gap between the edge of the paper and edge of the pendant.  A little Stampendous china blue microglitter mixed with the paper sealant is all I needed to fill in the gap.

glass glitter shards in a resin pendant

The last pendant started with a layer of the ICE resin glass glitter shards.

ICE resin plunger kit

I received an ICE resin plunger kit to take home after the class.  I pressed approximately half of the resin into a 1 ounce mixing cup and blended thoroughly.

adding glitter to resin pendants

I gently dripped mixed resin into each bezel.  For the glass glitter shard pendant, I added a heart cut out of a plastic transparency over the top of the glitter.  For the baby pendant, I sprinkled some Stampendous shaved ice over the top.

Before I left them alone to cure overnight, I covered them with a plastic dome.

preparing pendants for a second layer of resin

Before pouring another layer of resin, I needed to prepare a couple of the pendants.  I cut a piece of the ephemera tissue paper to fit over the pendant with the dots.  For the pendant with the china blue microglitter, I added more of the glitter and glue mixture to the bottom point of the pendant to cover up the gap between the paper and the bezel edge.

pouring a second layer of ICE resin into bezels

I mixed another batch of ICE resin.  Even though it’s not a very thick layer, it will give additional depth to the pendants.  I sprinkled more iced enamels and shaved ice into the second layer of their respective pendants as well.  For the ‘dot’ pendant, I placed the tissue paper on top of the resin.  I did not seal this paper first as I wanted it to take up the moisture stain of the resin.  This will make the paper translucent.

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ICE resin pendants

Another night to cure and here are my finished pendants!

ICE resin pendant tutorial

This pendant photographed the best to show the depth you can achieve with two (or more) pours of resin.  You can see there is iced enamel powder at different layers.  It really gives the pendants more visual interest.

Which one is your favorite?

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