Ink drop resin washer pendant tutorial

DIY ink drop and resin pendant tutorial

How to make an ink drop washer pendant with a resin glaze

I love alcohol ink.  It’s great to give transparent color to resin and this week, I wanted to see what else it could do.


alcohol ink metal washer

Start with a selection of alcohol inks and metal washers.  The washer sizes I used here are 1 3/8 inches outer diameter and 5/8 inches inner diameter.

alcohol ink on a cotton ball

Apply 1 drop of alcohol ink to a cotton ball.  A little goes a long way.

applying alcohol ink to a metal washer

Dab the ink onto the metal washer.  I started with the lighter colors of yellow and green, then moved onto the darker colors of teal, red and purple.

Allow the ink to dry for several hours or overnight before putting on the resin layer.

applying resin to an alcohol ink pendant

Apply mixed Envirotex jewelry resin a drop at a time to the pendant.  You will not need much.  You only want to place a few drops, then spread the resin around with your stir utensil.  In order for this to work, you must use a doming resin and not overfill the top of your washer, otherwise, the resin will run off the side.  Cover and allow to cure.

alcohol ink resin washer pendant tutorial

Hang your pendant on a piece of cord (leather, neoprene, etc.) and finish the ends with clasps.  Wow!

P.S.  On a technical note:  Do you notice anything different in this picture versus the one above it?  The purple alcohol ink disappeared!  This happened with my ink drop resin bracelet tutorial and I must say I am absolutely bewildered by this.  This time, the ink was absolutely dry and I used a different resin.  Note to self:  purple ink and resin do not mix!


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I love this idea, I think I will have to give it a try. I have those washers I used for another project, will try the inks on them.. ewwhh so excitted…


How do you keep resin off back of washer? I’m doing dog tags and the resin seeps under to back. Thanks.

Katherine Swift

@R, You need to be sure you’re using a doming resin. Otherwise, there won’t be enough surface tension to keep it on top of the surface.


I had a large batch of washers that were covered in alcohol inks ant then cured with a uv resin. Lisa Pavelka’s brand to be specific. I was amazed to find that most, but not all had smeared under the resin. The inks have literally re-liquified and can be squished around under the resin. I actually contacted her on a Facebook and she says it’s a known issue on but couldn’t offer a solution. I do tend to use a lot of purple so I need to look at the problem ones to see if that is the common thread with the bad ones. I’ve been experimenting with other resins to see if there are similar issues with them too. It looks like there might be. I ‘ve tried an acrylic sealer but it still happens. Any ideas?


Resin is very alkaloid.
Many chemicals which are used to manufator color do not fare well in a high alkaloid environment.
In Katherine’s case, the chemicals used by the manufactures of the purple color base that the alcohol ink manufacturer uses reacts in the alkaloid resin.
One manufacturers (purple) color may react where another manufacturers won’t.
Another issue you may run into is color morphing. The original color may start out, let’s say yellow but once introduced into a high alkaloid environment (adding the resin to it) it will morph into another color (like orange)
I hope this helps to explain what may be happening with your colors.


@MJ, certain colors of alcohol inks aren’t compatible with this process. I have learned that from the alcohol ink manufacturer.


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