Ink swirl resin bracelet tutorial

How to make an ink swirl resin bangle bracelet

resin bracelet tutorial

resin jewelry making supplies

Supplies needed for this project:

resin mold release

Spray a light mist of the Castin’ Craft mold release onto the mold.  Allow to dry at least 15 minutes.

resin measuring cups

Carefully measure the amount of resin you will need to fill your bangle mold.  For this resin tutorial, I mixed 3 total ounces of resin, which was more than enough to fill this bangle bracelet mold.

Hint:  You can either mix three 1 ounce cups of resin or you can mix 3 ounces together in one of our 10 ounce reusable plastic mixing cups, then divide into three once ounce cups.

resin colorants

Add three to four drops of alcohol ink to the mixed resin.

alcohol ink and resin

Since the alcohol ink will want to stay on top of the resin, use a toothpick to carefully push some color beneath the surface.  Use an up and down motion rather than stirring.  You don’t want to completely mix the color.

pouring resin

Gently pour the resin into the bangle bracelet mold.  The movement of the resin will also help to accentuate ink swirls.

casting resin

You can also gently push inked resin into the mold with a toothpick.

Once you have your bracelet the way you like, cover and allow to fully cure.

demold resin casting

To demold the bracelet, press on the bracelet mold from the back of the mold while twisting.

demold resin bracelet

It also helps me to hold the mold onto a flat surface while I pull at the sides.  You should see air move between the bangle bracelet mold and the resin bracelet.

sanding resin bracelet with wet dry sandpaper

Sand off any sharp edges to your bracelet with 400 to 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper.

resin bangle bracelet tutorial

Enjoy your new handmade bauble!



By the way, did you notice there is no pink in the final bracelet?


I reached out to the manufacturer for advice on why the pink disappeared.  According to them, colors in the pink/purple range will disappear in the resin.  Crazy!


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I have noticed that resin turns my purple alcohol ink green! Maybe the same for your pink…

Katherine Swift


Isn’t that odd?? It must be something with using that color range in resin.

Katherine Swift


I found out from the manufacturer that there are two inks in that color range that don’t stay in the resin. Who knew?


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