Journal covers DIY – Make a journal cover with resin

Journal covers DIY

part 2 of how to make a journal cover

By Karen Bearse

Resin Supplies:

Cups, Gloves, Stir sticks
Resin Obsession Pigment for color
Silicone Mold
Prima Marketing Metallic Wax by Finnabair

resin journal cover

Hello, resin fans! Today we are going to finish up the resin wrap around journal book. You can find Part 1 of these covers here.  That explains making resin paper to die-cut, making the cover of the book, and adding in elastics to secure the signatures or booklets.  In this article, we are finishing the cover.

resin pigment mixed with resin

Usually, when I make resin paper I have leftover resin.  In the case of my wrap journal, I used multiple colored resins. Making resin pieces that can be used to decorate the cover is a great way to use up the excess.

Tip:  You can even make items to use for later.  Don’t feel like you have to use them for the same project.

resin in wing mold

Step 1:

Pour resin into a mold.  Carefully and slowly pour the resin into a section of the mold sticking to the edges.  Use a stir stick to guide the resin.  It was surprising to see that the colors, when poured, stayed in one area of the mold allowing me to add colors next to each other.

adding resin to a mold

This was especially true of the opaque colors. The resin ends up thicker when colored and retains some shape.

resin in wing mold

The translucent colors stayed more fluid and blended into each other only mixing a bit (the bigger two-color wings).  Let the resin cure overnight.

resin wings

Step 2:

Time to demold!  The wings easily pop out from the silicone mold. The best part is they will match perfectly to my journal cover.

resin wings and Metallique wax

Step 3:

Now let’s add some metallic sheen. This will help hide any bubbles or flaws in my journal covers DIY. Using Finnabair’s Metallique Wax by Prima is a great way to add a metallic look to paper, flowers, or change the colors of metal pieces. The question is does it work on resin?  It can be difficult to color resin as it has a somewhat slick surface which creates a resist that makes paints or other materials difficult to work with.

brushing Metallique onto resin wimgs

I ended up only using the rich copper color.  Put a small amount on your craft mat or parchment paper.  With a stencil brush or stiff paintbrush pick up a bit of the wax and, using a circular motion, brush color on lightly.  It is always easy to add more if you want.

resin wings on journal cover

The idea is to only hit the high points on the wings to help bring out the pattern.  The wax went on easily and after setting for 24 hours, it seems permanent.  I added the wings to my project using Glossy Accents glue.  I am pleasantly surprised at how well the glue is holding.  Glue does not always hold on to resin.

Tip:  If the wings fall off, re-adhere using resin.

wraparound resin journal cover

Step 4:

Time to adhere the closure.  A magnetic closure seemed like a good way to hold the book closed.  I adhered the front cover magnet with resin on the inside of the cover.  For the back cover, I used the glue that comes on the magnet.

reesin paper cut into wing shape

Step 5:

Let’s finish the inside of our journal covers DIY. As the resin paper is translucent, I can see the wings.  It is a bit tricky as anything that is put on the inside flap will show up on the cover.

First, using another resin wing as a template, draw an outline on scrapbook paper.

Second, cut the wing inside the line so it is smaller than the resin piece. I wanted the outline to show.

Third, add an outline and some words.  Adhere using Glossy Accents.

resin wraparound journal cover

I decided to keep it simple for the other wing and covered the magnet with a round sticker. It is smaller than the wing so it doesn’t show through and it’s thin enough that the magnet still works well.

flair button added to resin journal cover

For the back cover, I added a flair button.  It has a flat back and is easy to adhere with glossy accents.

My book is complete!  Now I just have to figure out what I want to use it for — list making, mini scrapbooks, art cards, and mini art journals.  The ideas are endless.

resin journal cover

For more information on how to complete this journal including calculating the measurements of the books and building the journal structure, you can go to this article:  How to cut resin paper with a die cutter. Thanks for joining me today!  I hope you have a chance to play with resin. For more journal covers DIY tutorials please visit me at Karen Bearse Designs.

Ready to get started with resin but confused exactly how?  Tried resin but unhappy with the results?  It’s why I wrote the book, Resin Fundamentals.  I condense my fourteen years of resin experience into the need-to-know details to help you craft something beautiful with resin.  Buy the book now and download it in minutes!

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