Make a glow in the dark switchplate cover

glow in the dark switchplate cover resin tutorial

Make your own glow in the dark resin switch plate



mold release

Spray a light mist of Castin’ Craft Mold release over the mold and allow to dry.








mixing resin

Mix the minimum amount of Resin Obsession super clear resin for the inner star layer.  (Note:  the minimum amount of resin to mix is 10 cc of Part A and 5 cc of Part B.  This will be more than enough for the center star so you may want to have another project standing by so that you don’t waste any resin.)






coloring resin

Add a tiny drop of Castin’ Craft opaque white pigment.  You just want the resin to color milky white.









white resin

Add in a small stir stix scoop of glow in the dark white powder pigment.  Stir well.  (Note:  I recommend mixing 1 part powder to 4 parts resin.  However, since this is going to pour thin, you may be able to get away with less.)

Remove bubbles.  Cover and allow to cure for several hours or overnight.






blue resin glow in the dark

Mix another batch of Resin Obsession super clear resin.  (I mixed 20 cc of Part A and 10 cc of Part B.  If you want a thick switchplate cover, you will want to mix more.)

Add in 1 drop of the Castin’ Craft transparent blue dye.  Mix well.  Add in another drop or two if necessary.  You only want to tint the resin blue.

Add in a heaping stir stix full of blue glow in the dark powder.  Mixing the powder with the clear blue resin will now make it opaque.  (Note:  You don’t have to color the resin blue because the powder will still glow blue.  I did it to give the switchplate color some visual interest even when it wasn’t glowing.)

Remove bubbles with a straw or heat gun.

bubbles in resin

You may notice that you get foam on the top of your resin when using the glow powders.  If this happens, push your foam together, then scoop out with your stir stix.

Cover and allow to fully cure.




demolding resin mold

Once cured, gently twist the mold to pop out the casting.






drilling resin

Drill with a 1/8 inch drill bit (same size as the screws) in the indentations.









resin switchplate cover

Apply your switch plate cover.












glow in the dark switchplate cover





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glow in the dark resin





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