Make your own Valentine’s Day Candy Heart pendant

Did you know that you can use the Valentine’s Day conversation candy hearts in your resin jewelry?  This video shows you how easy it is to make your own Valentine’s Day Candy heart pendants!



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4 thoughts on “Make your own Valentine’s Day Candy Heart pendant

  1. Thank you for a great tutorial.
    I have three questions.
    Can you use modge podge on the candy to seal it before putting it into the resin?
    Is it possible to spray an acrylic clear coat on the outside of the finished pendant?
    Do you ever use a dremel to sand off unwanted dried resin?

  2. Elizabeth, here are my comments on your question above:

    1. Yes, Mod Podge would seal it, although I would test it on a couple not so perfect hearts first. I’m worried the inked on saying may run or smudge once it gets a little glue on it.
    2. Yes, an acrylic clear coat on the finished pendant will shine it up nicely.
    3. Yes, you can use a dremel tool to take off extra resin, but it will take it off fast! I generally use sandpaper to take off a bit here and there. (When using your dremel, don’t forget to use safety glasses and a dust mask.)

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