How To Recycle Mason Jar Lids Into Resin Coasters

Mason jar lid resin coasters

I love mason jars and have wanted a set of mason jar lid coasters. The problem with a standard mason jar lid is that it comes in two pieces, and the resin would be able to seep out. However, I found some vintage covers for sale at a local garage sale that are one piece.

mason jar lid coasters tutorial

The lids I used are damaged and no longer work on a jar, but they are perfect for resin crafts.

mason jar lids

Resin Supplies needed:

• One-piece mason jar lids
Resin Obsession super clear resin
• Small doilies
• Mod Podge, Ultra Seal or other clear drying glue
Measuring and mixing cups
Stirring sticks
• Sponge brush

mason jar lids


Step 1:  Prep the lids

The vintage mason jar lids have a white ceramic insert; however, some of those might fall out. I used both kinds of mason jar lids to make my coasters, and all worked perfectly. Because these lids are old and metal, be sure to hold them up to the light to check for spots that have rusted through. I had a few small holes and used some hot glue to seal them before starting. Also, be sure to clean these well before beginning. I love the rustic look, but you want to make sure you remove any dirt.  If you don’t, your resin may not stick.

adding epoxy resin


Step 2:  Mix and pour resin

Mix an ounce of the super clear resin.  It’s a great resin for crafts because it cures hard and bubble-free.  I started with a first pour to level the surface inside of the lids. Unfortunately, the insides are domed, which won’t work well for adding the doily.

leveling resin in coasters

I just used enough resin to make a flat surface, ensuring everything was covered to the edges.

resin in mason jar lids

Remove any resin bubbles and allow them to cure overnight. I love using a box tray for my projects. I can then move it to a place where it will not be disturbed and cover it to prevent any trash from getting on the surface.

coating doilies with glue


Step 3:  Prepare the doilies

While the lids are curing, you can work on the next part of this Mason jar coasters DIY — the doilies! First, use glue and a sponge brush to seal one side of the doilies. Then, apply liberally to the entire surface. Be sure to stretch into the shape that you desire while still wet.


Doilies drying


Allow to dry for several hours, and you will be left with very stiff doilies that are ready for your coasters.

glue doilie into mason jar lid


Step 4:  Glue the doilies to the cured resin

The next day, add glue to the other side of your doilies. Use that to adhere to the inside of the coaster.

doilies drying


Allow drying for several hours before continuing.


adding a second pour of resin to mason jar lids


Step 5:  Pour another layer of resin

Add a second pour of clear epoxy resin over the doily and be sure to cover sufficiently.

mason jar resin coasters curing


Remove any bubbles and cure overnight.

mason jar coaster tutorial


Once cured, your Mason jar coasters are ready for a summer party!

how to make mason jar coasters


I love the rustic farmhouse feel of these coasters, and they look great in my home. I made four total but really want to try a few more. They turned out great, and I can always use a few more coasters. So hunt down some of these vintage lids to make your own mason jar lid coasters.  You’ll love the results as much as I do.

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Originally written by Angie Holden

Unpublished Blog Posts of Resin Obsession, LLC © 2022 Resin Obsession, LLC


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25 thoughts on “How To Recycle Mason Jar Lids Into Resin Coasters

  1. Those are really cute!

    Did you put felt or something similar on the bottoms of the lids to prevent the lids from leaving marks on furniture?

  2. I love the idea but can’t find these lids in my area. I do have wide mouth canning jar lids, I know they’re two-piece, but I think I can seal them well enough.

  3. These are super cute!! Love them. Pinned to share. Thanks so much for linking up for Brag About It this week!!

  4. I have some of these old mason jar lids that we got from an auction. I’ve been looking for something clever to do with them. Thank you for sharing at the Creative Muster Party! Pinned
    Robin | Fluster Buster

  5. This is such a fun idea and I love the galvanized look with the sweet doilies! Thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration, have a lovely weekend!

  6. Katherine, vintage mason jars turned into coasters is a cool idea! I don’t believe I’ve seen the one-piece lids, though. Thanks for sharing & inspiring this Monday!

  7. These are sooo cute! I love how rustic they look yet pretty at the same time <3 Thank you so much for linking them up to the Inspiration Galore Project Party last week. You are one of my Features this Sunday over at Recreated Designs. Have a lovely weekend!

  8. I have already ordered the galvanized large mouth Mason jar lids. Gifting these handmade doillie coasters to my ageing aunts this Christmas, is going to be so much fun . Thank you for sharing.

  9. To seal the 2 piece Mason lids all you have to do is carefully apply silicone caulking to the ring and place the lid inside it. Apply a small weight to press and hold the lid in place till the silicon cures. That is how I seal containers for keeping epoxy resin from sticking or leaking. The thread pattern in the lid will keep the resin from falling out.

  10. That’s a great idea! Something else you could do too is to paint the outside of the lid for different seasons.

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