Mother’s Day crafts – resin handprint vase

How to make a mother's day handprint resin art vase

Mother’s Day Hand Print Vase

by Angie Holden

Looking for a great gift for mom or grandma this Mother’s Day? Add a child’s handprint to a vase with this fun technique to make the perfect heirloom. This is one gift that mom will treasure for a lifetime!

Supplies needed:

-Vase with flat front
Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin
Resin Obsession Opaque Colorants in three colors of your choice
-DecoArt Silver Leading
-Outline of child’s handprint
Measuring cups
Mixing cups
Stir sticks

vase with flat front resin obsession super clear opaque colorants iDecoArt Silver Leading outline of child's handprint Stir sticks

Step 1:  Trace a handprint

Start by cutting out the handprint and taping it to the inside of your vase. Be sure that your vase is clean before adding anything to the surface. One tip is to use rubbing alcohol all over the surface to ensure everything is removed.  Allow drying before continuing.

flat side vase traced handprint and glass stain

Step 2:  Transfer to a glass vase

Trace around the handprint as well as the outside of the vase with the silver leading. Allow to dry completely, ideally overnight.

flat side vase with leading outline and child's handprint

Step 3:  Mix resin

How much resin you will need depends on the size of your vase.  This article will help you estimate how much resin you need.


resin obsession resin hardener stir sticks and plastic cups

Step 4:  Color the resin

Add your mixed resin to three different cups and add in colorants. I used opaque yellow, teal, and green but you can mix and match the colors however you would like. Use equal amounts of each color or more of one color if you like. The ratios are completely up to you.

.opaque resin colorants

Step 5:  Apply to the glass

Now’s the fun part of your Mother’s Day crafts!  Randomly pour your colors onto the surface of the vase. Leave the hand area without any resin.

flat sided vase with resin paint and child's handprint

Use a toothpick to run through the resin a few times to create a marbling effect.

flat sided vase painted with resin paint and child's handprint

Then, use your stir stick to push the resin to the edges and further swirl the colors together.

flat suded vase with resin paint and child's handprint

Continue until your entire area is completely covered with resin and you have a look that you love. You can swirl more at this stage with additional toothpicks if desired.

resin painted flat sided vase with child's handprint

Allow curing completely while lying flat. You can pop any bubbles that may rise to the surface with a heat gun.

resin painted flat sided vase with child's handprint and flowers

After your project has cured, be sure to add the name and year to the bottom of the vase with a paint pen or permanent marker. You never want mom to forget whose hand print this was!

resin painted flat sided vase with child's handprint and flower stems


Will you be making mom a handprint vase of her very own? Be sure to choose colors that she loves!

resin painted flat sided vase with child's handprint and flowers

You might want to pick up the supplies to make two as you are going to love this project so much that you will want one for yourself!

Mother's Day crafts

I hope this turns out to be one of your favorite Mother’s Day Crafts!

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