Open backed pendant tutorial

{Not!} pressed flower open backed bezel pendants tutorial

open backed bezel tutorial with resin

Open backed pendant tutorial

by Penny Reid

open backed pendant tutorial

Not being one to fuss with drying flowers, combined with being a bit lazy, I wanted to try to get the look of a small delicate flower in a resin pendant using a different method and new technique. I found this beautiful handmade, silk-screened Japanese paper with little flowers on it and thought I would give it a try.  I was surprised how well it worked and I was happy with the results!

Note:  When looking for Japanese art paper, its called ‘Chiyogami’ or ‘Yuzen’.  You can find it online or may be lucky enough to find it close to where you live.  Here are some sources:

The patterns are endless and really unique and beautiful


Prepare your paper by laying it on wax paper and coating it with mod podge. Cover the entire paper on both sides, 3 times each side (for a total of 6 coats), waiting at least 30 min to 1 hour in between coats. Note: You can use any paper for this project of course, but I would recommend coating any paper this way in preparation for resin to ensure no staining.


This is the new technique I tried. Instead of cutting the image out and placing it in the bezel, I positioned the open-backed bezel over the image and tried to capture a flower within the frame of the bezel. I’ve not had a lot of luck with getting images cut perfectly to fit bezels, especially when they are small, that’s why I decided to try it this way.

adding mod podge to metal bezels

Mod Podge again by using a brush and ensuring the Mod Podge covers the inside of the bezels, you are looking for a good seal so that when you pour the resin in it doesn’t leak out. Do this 2 times. I used Nunn Design’s small open-backed bezel.

pouring resin into open backed bezels


Pour the resin in the bezels. I used Castin’ Craft Easycast Clear Casting Epoxy and created a bit of a dome.

bezels drying on paper



Once cured I cut around the bezels, leaving plenty of paper surrounding the bezel in tact for the next step.

trimming paper away from metal bezel


I tried two different techniques to see which one worked best. In the end I think they both worked, but each turned out a little differently.

The first technique I used was to cut around the bezel, leaving the back paper intact. Note: Use small scissors or scissors designed to give you a close cut in small spaces.

Seal the back with mod podge. You could resin the back again if you want.  I chose not to because the seal was smooth and good enough for me.

flower pendant tutorial with resin

Because the bezel and flower are small, it is very delicate looking!

peeling paper away from back of bezel pendant

sanding bezel with sandpaper

The second technique I used was to peel the paper off and lightly sand the remaining paper with a fine grit (600) sanding paper, being careful not to sand too much and remove the image.


Regular scrapbook paper would work for the first technique where you leave the paper intact but not sure if it would work for this method.

flower pendant tutorial with resin

Finally, I sealed the back with a high gloss mod podge 2 times. What I like about this resin pendant is that it’s a little more transparent when you remove all the paper.  It could almost be mistaken as a pressed flower!

pendant backs

These are the back of the pendants.  I think the edges of the paper blend in nicely with the pendant.  You can’t tell they were glued on the outside.

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DIY open backed bezel pendants with resin

Which style open-backed resin pendant is your favorite?

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Thanks so much for this! I actually love both effects, and am going to try this out! Thanks again!



I think the one with the white paper still intact is great, because it gives the flower a good back drop and contrast. But then, I love the open backed one, too, because it looks so natural and free.

Do they make a bezel that has a loop in the top and the
bottom? I’d make both, and have one on top of the other!

I’m one of those ridiculous people who go out and colllect all the flowers and grasses and butterflies that have died.
Boxes full–this will be great for them! Thank you so much!! I love your site!


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