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How to make Christmas ornamentsI can’t think of anything more special to give at the holidays than personalized resin Christmas ornaments. They are easy DIY holiday crafts to remember special family, friends, and teachers. And the best part about this project? They are super easy to make in a day!

Resin supplies list:

Christmas-themed silicone molds for resin
Clear casting epoxy resin
Mold release
Glitter in Christmas colors
Clear packing tape
Paper with personalized sayings (more on that in a minute)
Heat gun



Christmas ornament silicone molds for resin
I have a friend who is hard to shop for but loves unique handcrafted gifts. To make this gift really special, I asked her kids to help.





placing paper onto clear packing tape

Step 1 – Create papers with sentimental phrases

To personalize these Christmas ornaments, I got her kids to write a favorite memory from the year onto a piece of paper. Next, I sandwiched the paper between two pieces of clear packing tape. You want to put the tape down, sticky side up, and then put the paper on the sticky side. Complete the sandwich with a piece of clear tape, sticky side down.

trimming away excess packing tape
Press firmly around the paper and the tape edges. Once you have a good seal, with no bubbles, trim the tape close to the paper edge, but not on it. If you cut on the paper edge, you will leave it exposed, which will wick in moisture.  By the way, I’m not showing what the kids wrote. Just in case she reads my blog, I don’t want to spoil the surprise. (I guess this will let me know if she reads my tutorials. LOL)

If you want to learn more about sealing papers for resin, this article will help:  How to seal papers for resin.

pouring hardener into resin

Step 2 – Prepare the casting resin

Measure your clear casting resin. In this case, I used one ounce of the Resin Obsession super clear resin, which mixes two parts A to one Part B. Pour the hardener into the resin.

stirring resin



Mix thoroughly. This usually takes 2 ½ to three minutes. Stir until the swirls are gone.  If you have never mixed resin before, you will want to read this:  How to mix resin in five easy steps

filling a silicone ornament mold with resin

Step 3 – Fill molds

Fill the molds mostly full. They aren’t very thick, so about 2/3 full should do it.

going over resin molds with a heat gun

Use a heat gun to remove bubbles. Do this BEFORE placing the paper in the resin. This will minimize the chances of you trapping bubbles underneath.

coating paper in resin

PRO TIP: Dip your sealed paper into your cup of resin before placing it into the mold. This breaks the surface tension and makes it less likely you will trap bubbles in the resin.

Once you have the paper set the way you like it, go over the resin again with a heat gun to remove any bubbles you might have made putting the paper into your personalized resin Christmas ornaments.

adding red glitter to epoxy resin

Step 4 – Add glitter

Let the resin cure until it hits the gel phase. This is when the resin is no longer liquid, but it’s not solid. With the super clear resin, this happens about 30 minutes after mixing. Liberally sprinkle glitter on the back of the gel-cured resin. By doing it at this phase, the glitter will stick to the resin without sinking.

Let the resin fully cure.

demolding a resin charm from a silicone mold

Step 5 – Demold

Once cured, peel the mold away from the resin Christmas ornament and lift it out.  Sand off any sharp edges with sandpaper if necessary.

Resin Christmas ornament
I love how these charms look. The shape gives instant recognition that these are Christmas ornaments.  (and I still don’t want to take a chance in ruining a special surprise, so I’m not showing you the messages. *wink*wink*)

resin Christmas ornaments
Adding a ribbon was all I needed to make these DIY holiday crafts ready to hang on the Christmas tree.

resin Christmas ornaments

The backs of these personalized resin Christmas ornaments are pretty too. It’s nice to know that if they get flipped around on the tree, they will still sparkle in the lights.

Which color of these unique handcrafted gifts is your favorite?

Want to try making more holiday gifts with resin?

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