Puffy sticker resin bracelet tutorial

DIY resin bracelet tutorial with puffy stickers

How to turn puffy stickers into a resin bracelet

When I saw these stickers a couple of weeks ago, I immediately loved the colors and shapes.  I knew I had to try to make them into resin charms for a bracelet.


puffy sticker bracelet tutorial with Envirotex jewelry resin

To give the stickers a little more depth and sparkle, I wanted a good doming resin that I could pour well in a thin layer.  The Envirotex jewelry resin is perfect for this scenario.


paint glue onto sticker

To make the sticker easier to work with, I applied a layer of clear drying glue to the back and allowed it to dry.


applying a doming resin to puffy stickers


I placed each sticker onto a piece of wax paper.  After mixing the Envirotex jewelry resin, I applied some to each of the stickers.  When applying a doming resin, you will only want to apply enough to cover approximately half to two-thirds of the surface.  Then use something like a toothpick to draw the resin out to the edges.  If you pour enough to cover the entire piece, it’s going to run over the edge!


peeling resin charm away from wax paper


Side note here:  Sometimes things don’t always go as planned.  Some resin on a couple of my stickers spilled over the edge.  While the resin was somewhat cured, but still pliable, I peeled the stickers off the wax paper.  For the Envirotex jewelry resin, this was at approximately 5 hours after mixing.  This will vary depending on what resin you use.  Tip:  To help you know when this is, keep some of your mixed resin in a mixing cup.  When you can use a toothpick to dent the resin, but the toothpick can’t go into the resin, then you can work it.


trimming spilled resin with scissors

While the resin is still soft, you can trim the excess with scissors. Be very careful at this point because the resin is still soft enough that any dents, marks, fingerprints, etc you put on top will leave a mark.


cut toobies to fit resin charms

To string the bracelet, I used the Resin Obsession toobies.  You can embed these into resin, but they also work great in cases like this to glue onto the back of resin charms.  I held the toobie to the back of the charm and marked where to cut with scissors.

It will take the charms 24 hours to fully cure.


place toobies onto copper wire

Place the cut toobie sections on a piece of 20 gauge wire.  I used copper wire, which is usually available in the plumbing section at hardware stores.  This step is optional, but it will make it easier for you to line up all the toobie sections onto the back of the charms.


applying toobies to resin charms

Line up the copper wire and toobies to match up with the resin sticker charms.  Glue the toobies to the backs of the charms using E6000.  It will need another 24 hours to fully dry.


string together resin bracelet charms with bead cord

I used stretchy bead cord to assemble the bracelet.  I also used some large glass beads in between the puffy stickers to give it some visual interest.


stretchy resin bracelet made with stickers

The big beads also help to keep the stickers spaced out.  Otherwise, they would be trying to overlap each other when strung together.


puffy sticker resin bracelet tutorial

We now have a cute bracelet to go with a fancy summer dress.  A great bracelet for all ages!

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I love this bracelet look forward to making it.Still new at resin but loving playing with it.


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