Rainbow Candy Name Resin Pendant Tutorial

Rainbow Candy Name Resin Pendant tutorial

Material List:

Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin
Candy Sprinkles
Letter Beads
Generic Play-Doh lid (lid shown has an inner diameter of 1 5/8”)
Stir Stix
Small file for sanding edges
Drill and 1/16” Drill Bit
Jump Ring
Ball Chain Necklace
Wax paper, freezer paper, or plastic bag to cover work surface

The first step of this project is to cut out the foil into a circle that will fit into the lid you are using for a mold.Pour a small amount of resin into the lid, then gently press the foil into the resin. It doesn’t matter which side of the foil is showing. It’s purpose is to create a background that will show through the gaps in the candy sprinkles. Once the foil is submerged, pour a bit more resin on top.
Next, begin placing the candy sprinkles. I have hand-divided (yes, this takes a while) these candy sprinkles so that I could make a rainbow swirl pattern. If you don’t want to take the time to do this, you can just use sprinkles straight from the container and it will be just as colorful!


After submerging the sprinkles into the resin, begin placing the letters of whatever name or word you want. This lid will hold six letters across at the widest point. As each letter is placed, slide the candy sprinkles slightly so that the letter bead rests on the bottom of the lid. If this is not done, they will stick up too high and protrude through the top of the resin.








Once all of the letters are positioned, add a bit more resin if needed to be sure all of the elements are submerged, and if anything has slid out of place, gently reposition it using a toothpick. Double check to be sure the letters are somewhat centered across the lid. Check the piece again 30 minutes or so into curing to be sure nothing has slid or popped above
the surface.

Once the piece is cured, pop it out of the lid and sand the edges with small file if necessary.





Next, drill a hole at the top center of the pendant for the jump ring. (Be sure to wear the proper safety equipment like a dust mask and safety goggles.)  After inserting the jump ring, thread through the ball chain necklace, and you have yourself a bright, colorful, personalized pendant!

Note: If you don’t want to make a necklace from the pendant, you can glue a magnet on the back and createa fun piece that can be used on a refrigerator or a school locker!

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I love the idea of putting foil on the back and using the shape of a lid to contain the resin!

Katherine Swift

Thanks Karen! We have lots of play-doh lids in this house. I’m thinking I might try a sour cream lid next.


LOVE IT! The only playdoh caps I have found have Playdoh on it. Does it make a difference if it is on there? It is raised letters. THANKS


LOVE IT!!! Does it pop out pretty easy? I just started doing resin and have not had luck with non-resin type molds.

Katherine Swift

@Francine, you can use a mold release just to be sure. Also test the cap to make sure it is flexible (twist it) before using it for your mold. The word ‘playdoh’ will imprint onto the back of your casting since the letters are raised. If this bothers you, coat with a layer of colored resin once you have popped it out of the lid.


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